4 Things You Should Know About Giving CBD to Your Cat

4 Things You Should Know About Giving CBD to Your Cat

Cannabis is rich with more than 100 active substances, including CBD and THC. Ever since its discovery, CBD has proven tremendously helpful.


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Whenever you take any vitamin, it benefits the body as the supply of that vitamin increases. This is the same principle behind CBD oil. It triggers the same effect in the body’s endocannabinoid system. As a result, it regulates mood, pain, and sleep.

The idea of giving CBD to a pet might not make sense to many, yet, it works the same way vitamins do. Humans and cats share a very similar endocannabinoid system. As a result, when cats use CBD oil, they will have the same positive effects humans experience.

Chances are, many people are aware of the tremendous health benefits of CBD. It reduces pain, eliminates the symptoms of anxiety and depression by producing a calming effect, and helps people undergoing chemotherapy.

Unknown to many people, however, the effects on pets, especially cats, are the same. Since many countries are now making it legal, you can use it to make your pet happy and healthy.

For those who are ready to introduce CBD to your cat, we have compiled some facts to guide you. We hope this will address any questions you may have.


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CBD Oil is Completely Safe for Cats

The primary reason people use CBD oil for their pets is to boost the quality of life and relieve ailments. While CBD might not cure these ailments, it will ease their discomforts.

Bear in mind that cats are unique animals. In other words, their reaction to CBD might differ. Many vets have agreed that CBD does not harm cats and might not trigger any side effects. But before giving your cat CBD, make sure to consult with your vet.

Also, when giving CBD to your cat, be sure to consider the dosage. An extreme dosage is often the cause of an adverse reaction of CBD in cats.

Make sure you are aware of the right dosage for your cat. Whenever you buy a CBD product from online dispensary Canada or any other source, check the information as it could mean the difference between life and death.

Even though CBD is safe for cats, marijuana is not ideal for cats.


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Benefits of CBD for Cats

Here are a few advantages your cat will get from CBD:

  • It treats chronic pain and infection due to the anti-inflammatory nature of CBD
  • CBD eases anxiety and depression by triggering the adenosine and serotonin receptors of the brain. It also reduces fear or timidity.
  • It inhibits the growth and survival of cancer cells.
  • It will offer a healthy, soft, and shiny coat. It also reduces the effects of various skin conditions.
  • CBD reduces swelling and discomfort, which is linked to Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • CBD is primal to general overall health. Your cat will enjoy a happy and long life in good health. It also reduces the tendency of diseases.

Side Effects of CBD for Cats

Even in people, the side effects of CBD are mild. There are reports that the side effects in animals are little or negligible. Cats differ in composition and genetic makeup. As a result, their tolerance and reaction to CBD will vary.


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If you’re trying to introduce CBD to your cat, make sure your vet is aware of all your decisions. Watch out for drowsiness as it is a common side effect. This might not be obvious because cats love to sleep. When you introduce CBD to cats, be sure to monitor their sleep schedule. You can try some Best CBD Products for the optimum results.

Make sure you reduce the dosage if your cat appears sluggish. This could reduce the symptoms. Here are some common side effects you should be aware of:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in appetite

These are rare and are not very serious but if any of these symptoms arise in your cat reduce the dosage and consult your doctor.

Also, it’s a bad idea to give your pet CBD oil extracted from a marijuana plant. Only humans can use this strain without issues. It is toxic for pets. You need a CBD oil sourced from a hemp plant, not a marijuana plant. People often confuse the two, yet they are not the same.

CBD Oil Dosage for Cats

Never rush your cat when trying to introduce them to CBD. It’s always best to have a gradual introduction. You do not need large doses to begin with; it might hurt your cat. You need to ease it into their diet, giving its body the time to adjust without triggering any side effects.

When giving your cat CBD, let your veterinarian guide you on the right dosage and always read the instructions of the product. For people that want to treat a chronic condition in their cat, follow the dosage we recommend below

  • For issues like asthma, arthritis, give your cat 0.5mg/kg twice daily.
  • 0.1mg/kg twice daily and gradually work your way up to 0.5mg/kg twice a day.
  • For Inflammatory Bowel Disease - 0.2mg/kg twice daily.
  • For severe upper respiratory infection - 5 mg/kg twice daily.

Should there be any unpalatable reaction when starting this treatment, reduce the dosage. Also, let your vet be aware of the new dosages you want to try.


CBD, over the years, has proven helpful to people and animals. If you want to use CBD for your cat, we believe that this article will guide you on some important things to know.

CBD comes with tremendous positive effects for your pet. As long as you use the right dosage, you can preserve its life, fight ailments, and give your feline a long useful life.

Even if your cat is on medication, you can use CBD to improve the condition and boost its overall health. Take advantage of this magic elixir today – your happy feline will thank you.

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