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Happy Tuesday, Pals - also, known as Choose-Day💚 - I choose to wear my @ogpoopbags cuz they’re so cute! Thanks for sending them for us to try🐾

pring has sprung! April is Earth Month 🌎 & as the weather starts getting nicer in the#PNW, our walks come longer & more frequent…. which means we start using more poop bags 💩
@ogpoopbagshas been helping the environment since 2003 with award-winning animal waste bags. They make several versions of compostable & biobased poop bags, including these new & exclusive PEANUTS bags, featuring the OG celebrity doggo Snoopy 🐾
The Peanuts products are USDA-certified biobased waste bags. Because protecting the environment is cool. Like Joe Cool 😎


De paseo con mis@ogpoopbags🌿💩


Keeping the Meadow clean one poop bag at a time😉

Shoutout to our friends at@ruffinsstcatharinesfor donating a box of@ogpoopbagsto the Meadow!

Thank you! It’s very much appreciated 🥰


I can’t control myselfie


Dogs your dog like baths?

Yesterday Ryder jumped straight into the bathtub and we were able to get this photo together 😂🫶🏽


Happy 20th anniversary!! The best product on the market!


I’m incredibly grateful for the simple joys that brighten my day, and put a smile on my face. This dog of mine keeps me on my toes and my heart full. Here’s your daily dose of Tux to start your day!


Good vibes ONLY 😤

📍 ATL |@ogpoopbagsat@original.selfiemuseum


Hooman’s please clean up after your pets with the help of@ogpoopbagsUSDA Certified Biobased handle tie dog waste bags! 💩🗑️♻️🌎


f your dog poops, please scoop
On todays#tushytuesdaypost we are talking about biodegradable poop bags. I don’t know about you, but we have tried them all. Most of them, are weak, break easily, smell terrible, simply just don’t work. In conjunction with#earthmonth(although every day should be a day to help our planet). We had the pleasure of trying out@ogpoopbagsfrom their new#peanutsline.
🐾made from plant materials
🐾made with bio based material
🐾made with recycled material
🐾”breathable” bags to prevent sweat that causes odors to escape
🐾they donate to earth causes every year with every purchase
🐾made in the USA


These Peanuts poop bags are the best!! If our hoomans have to carry our poop it needs to be in a cute bag, am I right?@ogpoopbagsthanks for making such a great product that is cute and compostable 🌎💚


It’s important to always be prepared while exploring and one thing we never leave home without are@ogpoopbags— They’re making the world a better place with composable & biobased poop bags!

Now you can get them in the new and exclusive PEANUTS poop bags!


😍Love the@ogpoopbagsSnoopy pooop bags and holder! They are so adorable and super cute! 🥰