The Original Poop Bags® Countdown Rolls® are the world's first dog waste bags that tell you how many bags remain on each roll.

Our patented Countdown Rolls® are numbered from 15 down to 1

The Countdown Rolls® bags are 38% plant based & 62% PE.

Customer Favorite

What our customers say

D'Ann Wernick

Not happy with latest Poop Bag purchase. The bags I have always bought with handles have been marvelous. My last ones are so hard to open, I really dislike them. My hands are "older" now, and maybe it is that, but I need ones that open easily!

Stefanie Kaku

It sounds so weird to say I LOVE THESE POOP BAGS! They are the BEST in the world…or at least that I have used. I use the version with the handles and they are easy to open, generously sized, thick enough, compostable and purchasing them also donates money to the Jane Goodall Institute. I never want to be without them as long as I have big dogs. Thanks, Original Poop Bags!

Dan Lewis

They are great and meet the requirements for California’s certification as compostability, unlike the ones we used to get but can’t get now. We really liked their “limited edition “ bags with the hilarious “ingredients” listed on the bag. We ended up giving many to other dog walkers for laughs!

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Beyond products, we're dedicated to making a difference. Through our "You Buy, We Donate" partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute, your purchase support vital conservation and animal welfare initiatives. 

Quality Assurance

Our poop bags go through quality checks, ensuring that every product we offer meets the standards of durability and functionality.