Find the perfect animal waste bags and accessories for your home here! When you purchase from the You Buy; We Donate® line of products, you will be helping pet shelters, dog parks, animals in need, and more!
Shop now for eco-friendly options with The Original Poop Bags®

  • Biobased Backyard Bags

    Made with 38% Plant-based and 62% Polyethylene Materials

    Biobased Backyard Bags

    The Original Poop Bags® introduces its NEW Biobased Backyard Bags! These Backyard Bags are the best alternative to pooper scoopers, making waste clean up easier than ever before! Each Backyard Bag has an easily accessible slot for your arm to slide...

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  • Catfidence™ 100% Organic Bamboo Cat Litter

    Catfidence™ 100% Organic Bamboo Cat Litter

    Available through our Amazon store:  BUY NOW! Available through  BUY NOW! Introducing Catfidence™, a 100% organic bamboo cat litter. One 7 pound bag lasts an entire month, and is equivalent to 40 pounds of...

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  • Catfidence Recycled Cat Pan Liners

    Made with 20% in-house Recycled Materials

    Catfidence Recycled Cat Pan Liners

    Cat pan liners made from award-winning technology. Made from heavy duty and tear-resistant material Contains 10 jumbo drawstring litter box liners Fits most cat litter pans Product is rated “R” for containing 20%...

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