My Dog Ate Marijuana: What Should I Do?

My Dog Ate Marijuana: What Should I Do?

Talking about Cannabis and marijuana is legal in most places around the globe. You can find them in any dispensaries in mesa; marijuana has multiple medical studies and practices. Although when your doctor prescribes them, it's all because you need such medication. THC (which expands to Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a growing industry which means they can be found in your house, which increases the chances of our pet dogs having them. You will be glad to know that there aren't any such dangerous situations for dogs if they ever eat your edibles.

If your dog ever goes through such situations, then you should know what to do as a pet owner. Therefore this article is for you if your dog ever eats any such of your edibles by chance. You should know all the warning signs if, in a serious situation, your dog needs such help. So read the article till the end to get the proper knowledge about the subject.


Is weed bad for your dog?

Suppose your dog has stumbled on marijuana or other such products which contain THC. Do not panic; the effects of marijuana depend on what size of dog you have and how much dose is consumed. Your dog won't feel great after consuming it; there is a possibility it might act hyperactive and uneasy after consuming such substances. So if a small dog has consumed weed, then some potentially life-threatening circumstances might occur.

The next question that all dog parents might be thinking is, "How much weed is toxic for my dogs?" There is no proper answer to such a question; neither veterinarians nor scientists can give you a clear answer. This is majorly due to there being no standardized answer to this question because the quantity and quality are not the same. If you check

Even if you check the THC percentage under your label product, it's not verified the way traditional medications used to be. This is why vets never have a certain answer for how much THC is harmful if a dog consumes it.

Signs your dogs have consumed weed:

Every dog has a different weight and size, which is why you can not predict an accurate THC dose for your dog, which will affect them. Also, not all dogs show such symptoms after eating such substances. Although just for awareness purposes, you should know about general symptoms and behavioral patterns.

These are some symptoms that dogs show after consuming marijuana:

  • Your dog might feel extra sleepy all day long.
  • There could be some wobbly walking and uncoordinated movements.
  • Urinary accidents are common, so also be prepared for that.
  • Sometimes after consuming marijuana, dogs also feel super active, as a result of which they might be acting super jumpy.
  • Vomiting is also a symptom but not every dog will go through it.
  • Dilated pupils are general, and you might see it as a general symptom.
  • Your doggo's body temperature might drop down a bit; this means you should check your pet's rectal temperature.

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There are times when even after consuming enough weed, your dog might not experience any profound effects. Also, some dogs do not show any such symptoms at all, but others might also end up in emergencies.

Do not panic if their gums will remain pink, and do not turn pale, white, or grey. Your dog won't face any problems while breathing, either.

You can not always be sure whether or not your dog has consumed weed or marijuana. If you see these symptoms in your pet, then it is better to take them for a quick trip to your veterinarian.

Even though there is nothing, you should be alarmed if your dog has consumed weed. But if you think your dog needs medical attention, it's better to listen to your gut. It's better to be safe than sorry.

After how much time will the symptoms start to appear? How long will they last?

You will start to see any such symptoms of marijuana generally after an hour following ingestion. At first, they are mild, but with time they can be progressively worse. In general cases, these symptoms stay for around 24 hours; without any treatment, your dog will sober up. If you have a small dog who has consumed a large amount of weed, then it can take 48 hours or longer for the symptoms to wear off.

In Short:

After reading the entire article, you might have understood that it's not so alarming if your dog has consumed marijuana. If you do not want your dog to eat such stuff, then you better try keeping such things out of their reach. If by accident they consume any such thing, then either notice what symptoms they are showing off if you want to, then you can also take them to your veterinarian out of concern. 

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