Indoor and Outdoor Feng Shui For Pets

Indoor and Outdoor Feng Shui For Pets

You may have heard of feng shui, but may be a bit fuzzy its true meaning. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art meant to improve your life. The idea is that you can create a positive energy flow based on how you position or design your surroundings. And if it works for people, why not try it for your pets?


There are several ways to incorporate feng shui into your home to benefit your pets.

  • Be sure your pup has its own spot in your home, using a mat, rug, or pet bed.
  • Keep the area clean and clutter-free.
  • Place the bed against a solid wall, away from doors, in a corner, if possible. Put this pet space in the eastern section of your home for a sense of community.
  • Consider creating an enclosed sleeping area. This Little Dove Dog Tend is absolutely adorable.
  • Stay away from white. Dogs represent the earth element, so stick with light browns, light yellows, and sand-colored items.

Dogs need to know who’s boss, so create rules in the home as their master. Don’t let them do whatever they want. Don’t let them jump on visitors or tear up the carpet. Training them early will save you some costly repairs. Your animals will wear you down if you don’t take control. The home will be much more Zen for both you and your pet.

Be sure your entire house — not just the pet space — is neat and tidy. Clutter can make our pets anxious and upset. Clean your house regularly, thus giving your pet a relaxing, peaceful, and safe environment to live in. Keep the litter box clean, and away from high traffic areas, so they can go in peace. And use stone or ceramic dishes for your dog’s food and water, not metal or plastic.

A home with excellent light benefits both you and your pet. Use natural light, lamps, or candles, but you need the brightness, so don’t keep the curtains closed all the time. Dim rooms are like living in a cave, and the lack of light stops the flow of energy. This can destroy a positive attitude for people and animals alike.


Feng shui for pets also works outdoors. If you’re designing your backyard with this in mind, use as much wood as possible. Start with a wooden privacy fence. This natural material makes dogs feel at home. Then, landscape around the fence, keeping in mind other natural design elements like rocks and pebbles, stone walkways and flowers and shrubs. Be sure your backyard landscape is made up of plants that are safe for animals. Some flowers and shrubs are toxic to dogs. Stay away from English ivy, oleander, and chrysanthemums, among others, and research any greenery before you plant it. You can’t have good feng shui if your pet is in the midst of toxins.

Keep your yard clutter-free, just like indoors. Don’t let toys, trash, or anything else pile up. Pick up dog waste promptly and keep the lawn mowed and clean.

You may be tempted to bury your pet in the yard, when the time comes, or scatter his ashes. Under feng shui, this is a no-no that creates bad energy.

Feng shui boils down to peace of mind and positive energy through design and placement. Pets actually act as feng shui for their owners, because they bring positive energy into our lives. We can pay them back by providing them with their own feng shui and surroundings that lead to good energy flow.

A former veterinarian’s assistant, Jasmine Patel has parlayed a love of animals into a career of advocating for and writing about her furry friends.

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