Privacy Policy and Cookies

Privacy Policy

At The Original Poop Bags® we know how much your privacy concerns you, and we're in the same boat.

In terms of PRIVACY, any information that you share with us, stays with us. It's like when you tell a friend, "please don't tell anyone about this" we truly honor that and it stays with us.

If we partner with another company or introduce a new product from another company, we will send messaging via our opt-in email list or social media accounts. We send between one or two messages per month via our online list that contains EXCLUSIVE sales or pre-sales before the general public. All emails contain an opt-out and of course all social media are in your control to opt-in or opt-out of. Bottom line is that we NEVER share your information, but we love to share products that we think pet owners will love!

In terms of COOKIES, we love cookies! Kinda like the Cookie Monster, cookies get our attention. Especially their smells. Sometimes we like slightly undercooked cookies just out of the oven, and sometimes a good old fashioned Chips-a-hoy or an Oreo hits the spot.

Any cookies that are placed on your site, are tied to the functionality of running our website, and processing your order.

If you place an order online via your logged in account, we will store your mailing and order information. This saves time on the next order, and helps us help you when folks call and say

"Can you tell what I bought last time" and we can quickly identify the product. We NEVER store your credit card information on the site, so if it auto-fills, that is a setting you have in your browser. We also have a "check-out as guest" feature. Keep in mind when you call and say "Can you tell what I bought last time," don't get offended when we say can not, you checked out as a guest on your orders so no data was saved.

If you sign up for our newsletter, we NEVER share your info. As mentioned, we limit messages to a couple times per month max.

That's it. If you have any questions, please feel to contact us. Chances are if it relates to this privacy policy or something about The Original Poop Bags®, we'll be able to help you out.

Otherwise we'll probably Google it for you.

With much love,
The Original Poop Bags® LLC