Pet Health Trends to Know About in 2023

Posted by Valeria Litovchenko on May 8th 2023

Your pet’s health and well-being are naturally your top priority. In the same way, health trends affect how we take care of ourselves, they also influence how we care for our favorite fluffy friends. If you’re an early adopter and like to be ahead of the curve, read on for 2023’s top pet health trends to watch.

1.Telehealth and virtual veterinary services

Getting your pet to the vet can be a real ordeal. It’s not just traumatic for them, but it’s hard for us to put them through that for every little concern or query regarding their health, which explains why online vet care is one of the hottest pet trends to watch.

As telehealth and virtual vet services become more commonplace, accessing a vet whenever you need them is easier. All you need is your phone and the applicable app, and a team of trained vets is on hand 24/7 to answer your questions and provide advice. Frequently, these services are offered within cat and dog insurance.

There are definitely some benefits to this health trend, however, there will always be those times when a physical visit will be unavoidable, so regular in-person check-ups shouldn’t be disregarded.

2.Smart accessories and wearable tech

Pet gadgets are another pet industry trend to watch, making keeping tabs on your pet as easy as child’s play. In recent months, we’ve seen the growth of GPS trackers and activity monitors soaring and even advancements in the pet camera market.

Gadgets and pet health products gaining enormous popularity include items like microchip cat flaps that only open for your pet and smart feeders relying on microchips and collars to dispense a measured amount of food for a particular pet.

Keep your eyes on smart collars, the newest alternative to invisible fences that are far kinder to your pet’s physical and emotional health.

3.Supplements and sustainable foods

As new research and pet trends develop, pet health products are always in the spotlight. While the humans are obsessing over their gut health and the benefits of a balanced microbiome, we’re also looking for gut-friendly foods and treats for our pets.

From probiotics for dogs to sustainable and responsibly-sourced ingredients, pet parents are increasingly concerned with the quality of their pet’s food and the environmental impact of the ingredients.

So, when it comes to shopping for the fluffy kids in the family, pet owners are much more inclined to value evidence-backed health claims and environmentally-friendly ingredients.

4.Wellness and grooming pet trends

More insurance plans than ever now also include optional wellness coverage to ensure that your pet's routine grooming gadgets and dental hygiene are covered. Everything from nail trimming, ear cleaning, tail trimming, and dental cleaning can be included.

While these seem like cosmetic undertakings on the surface, neglecting basic grooming can result in some knock-on health concerns which will require veterinary intervention.

And what promotes wellness more than some R&R on a lovely holiday? That’s right, pet industry trends are leaning towards tailored pet-focused vacation options. Your pet is, after all, a member of the family, so they absolutely should benefit from the family vacation too.

5.Pet-sitting and daycare options

In this post-lockdown world, where we’re now heading back to work and spending less time at home, many pets are experiencing separation anxiety. So, it’s no surprise that a prevailing pet trend is that of daycare and pet-sitting options.

What was once a very niche industry is burgeoning into a billion-dollar one, with pet parents seeking upscale solutions to combat the loneliness of their pets. From stimulating play groups to luxurious pet hotels, the options are varied and vast… and filling up fast. If you want to hop on this trend, don’t walk; run.

Final thoughts

The very nature of pet ownership continues to evolve and change, and 2023 is bringing our pets further into the family than ever before. The health and wellness concerns we have for ourselves are now being transferred to our pets in a way like never before.Some of these pet trends look set to stay, while others (like the tech and gadget space) will continue to evolve, bringing an ever-changing stream of exciting developments to watch. Whether you’re a keen bean, who jumps on a trend or more cautious to wait and see what sticks, keeping a finger on the pulse is always good.


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