Jun 3rd 2020

5 Ways To Use CBD To Help Your Pet With Fireworks & Thunderstorm Anxiety

Whether it is a bright thunderstorm hitting your city or the festival season is lighting up the sky in vibrant firecrackers, it is a well-known fact that pets get easily scared and anxious due to these sudden and loud noises.Anxiety during this period is known to trigger erratic behavior and restlessness in pets. Signs of this distress come in various other forms like whining, excessive drooling, shaking/trembling, hiding, or fleeing, excessively chewing cloth or furniture, or more often urinating or defecating.


Since it is impossible to remove the source of noise, it is possible for us to use powerful aids such as cannabinoids to help pets cope up with them better.

Here are five ways to reduce anxiety and fear in your pets by using this miracle herb.

1. Managing Nausea and Digestive Disorders with CBD

Your pet may suffer nausea as an overreaction to thunderstorms or fireworks. This effect is very common in younger pets who are still not accustomed to the noise. It could make them very uncomfortable and also interfere with their diet leaving them weak.

CBD is known to reduce the nauseating feeling in young pets without causing any side effects. It eases the feeling and ensures they eat properly. It can also improve bowel regulation and enhance appetite.

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In fact, during the training of pets, CBD is commonly administered to dogs suffering from stomach or appetite problems. Pets suffer a loss of appetite or digestive disorders due to excess anxiety during such events. It could lead to dehydration, weakness leaving your pets sad and unhealthy. With the help of CBD, it is possible to make sure they stay on top of their diet and consume all the necessary nutrients.

Including CBD oil pills in food for animals will help them stay in proper healthy by eating regularly and properly, especially during thunderstorms or fireworks. It also ensures that their digestive tract is clear and improves bowel movements to keep them at their best health. You can exploretrusted hemp reviewsbefore buying products to understand their quality and efficiency for your pet.

2. Manage Anxiety by Planning Ahead

Preparing ahead with CBD oil is the best means to counter anxiety in your pet. It is difficult to administer the compound during the event and expect the effects to kick in immediately. Instead, slowly building up an appetite for CBD over time can help prevent your pet from getting startled during a thunderstorm or from the noise of firecrackers.

The best way to help your pet cope with sudden noises is learning what kind of sounds they are anxious towards using the signs of distress and then trying to anticipate them. Try to offer CBD oil or tincture during these events to calm them down.

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For example, if a dust storm has been predicted or is ongoing, it is likely to lead to a thunderstorm or likewise. Similarly, during festivals, Independence dates, new years, or Christmas, then you know that she will need extra care and support since these events are usually accompanied by loud fireworks.

Give the right dose of CBD before the event and put them in a comfortable environment where they feel safe. It helps them to feel comparatively calm.Of course, in certain cases, it is impossible to predict sudden noises. But knowing a trigger situation can help control and manage the environment and make sure that they are safe in the event of them panicking.

3. Counter Noise Phobia and Anxiety Using CBD Oil Regularly

Phobia of noise is instilled in all animals, human, or otherwise. But the level of response triggered by them is much higher in pets.Some pets suffer from general anxiety issues, and noise phobia could make the situation worse for them. It is visible that these pets begin to suffer from panic attacks and erratic behavior due to a lack of a coping mechanism.

CBD oil is known to have anti-anxiety properties and may help complement behavioral changes in pets. It is well known to reduce anxiety in animals by calming the central nervous system and dampening the effect of fear.

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Offering small quantities of the herb or a few drops of CBD oil within an hour or so of the triggering situation can be particularly effective in reducing panic in their pets.Many even choose to use it as a daily additive in the diet of pets, especially those with a previous anxiety condition. The compound can condition your pet to respond subtly to trigger situations.

Adding it in the food along with other nutritional supplements results in reduced anxiety levels and hence a low-intensity response to their phobia triggers such as firecrackers.Make sure that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrations in the CBD for sale are low as they can increase anxiety in certain pets or with a certain dosage.

4. Desensitize and Award Calm Behaviour with CBD Treats

Desensitizing certain phobias is possible with proper training in your pets. CBD oil or CBD treats can be a great way to encourage calm and relaxed behavior during known triggers by training them with a reward-based system.The oil is known to ease anxiety, and using it to train your pets to face the situation calmly, can have a positive response. Rewarding is known to encourage pets to follow good behavior while drowning many bad habits.

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Very often, owners reward pets during panic or anxiety simply to comfort them. Although intended to keep your pet healthy and happy, it might also encourage erratic behavior during such situations unintentionally.Use CBD treats to encourage calm response during trigger situations to help them overcome fear.

5. Improve their Sleep

One of the most potent properties of CBD is its ability to calm and relax the body. It could be particularly useful for pets in noisy environments that trigger anxiety.They tend to feel restless and troubled, and it could hinder their sleep patterns. They might be afraid to sleep through the noise and run around in fear.

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CBD oil or tincture can make them feel calm and at ease. It will relax the body and put them to sleep. It will keep them well-rested and calm during the whole duration and help them get through the situation.Dosage is critical to receive the best benefits from CBD products for anxiety. If you give higher than the recommended dose, you may notice fatigue or restlessness in them.

An even higher dose will put them to a long sleep or may cause problems with their health. Dosage for the different modes of consumption is often available on the packaging of the product. It depends on the concentration of CBD Canada in the product.The best practice is to understand recommended dosages from your veterinarian for your specific pet. They will take your pet's age, size, weight, previous health conditions, and other parameters into account before suggesting the right levels.