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You Buy; We Donate® The Original Poop Bags® Manf. in USA Certified ASTM D6400 (500 Poop Bags)

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These are The Original Poop Bags® that started it all 20 years ago!

  • Manufactured in USA* poop bags

  • Meet the ASTM D6400 standard for compostability**

  • Made with plants and certified compostable materials**

  • Strong, and leak proof

  • 50 bags on a single roll. (These DO NOT FIT leash dispensers).
  • Your purchase supports our You Buy; We Donate® donations such as One Tree Planted

  • Buy in bulk and save

  • We DO NOT ship online in retail packages. These bags will come bundled in an extra poop bag
  • 0.95 millimeters thick

  • 8”x12”


With You Buy; We Donate®, The Original Poop Bags® has helped plant trees, protect and hatch sea turtles, sponsor marine research, and more!


*Please note:  All manufacturing, production, and fulfillment is completed in the USA, while some raw materials are sourced from Germany.


**Disclaimer for California: In the great and beautiful state of California, we make no claims of compostability, degradability or any other similar claim. While our certifications are recognized in 49 other states, and countries around the globe, we only claim this product to be a high-quality, leak-proof bag that can be used to pick up, and dispose of pet waste however you decide to.


  • 5
    Strong Bags, Manufactured in USA!!

    Posted by Cindy on Jul 18th 2023

    Feels so good to support manufacturing in the US! The bags stand up to large quantities and stay intact. Full confidence in the product. Always use them!

  • 5
    original poop bags

    Posted by Mary Anne Shank on Apr 3rd 2023

    Great for cat litter cleanup for 2 cats and a BIG open box. I use all grass litter. Lightweight,great clumping. Other litters probably won't work.

  • 4
    Great poop bags

    Posted by Karen on Mar 13th 2023

    The bag is a nice weight and is easy to open. My only complaint is that the last bag on every roll is torn and cannot be used. I'm not sure if that bag is added to the roll as +1 but nevertheless it is wasted. Minus a star for that. #OGPB: We'll reach out to you!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Julie on Mar 6th 2023

    We have used these bags for 20 yrs. Sturdy and economical!

  • 5
    Biodegradable poop bags

    Posted by Sandra Joos on Dec 8th 2018

    They're strong enough and big enough (if you don't have a 100 lb dog). and I like the fact that they decompose.

  • 5
    ASTM D6400 Compostable plant-based bags

    Posted by Holly on Sep 3rd 2018

    We've used the plant-based bags for years and love them.. We like the size, feel, and sturdiness of the bags, but most of all, we like that they're completely biodegradable. We've tried bags from other companies but prefer these.

  • 4
    poop bags

    Posted by Steve Langdon on Jul 7th 2018

    Love these. very strong and feel good about impact on environment.

  • 4
    Good quality but small

    Posted by Jessica on Jun 6th 2018

    These bags so far have held up well, definitely durable so I don't have to worry about any rips or tears. My only issue is that they're a bit small and there is no larger size offered for the compostable version, only offered in the recycled plastic. I have a large dog that produces large droppings. If they came out with a jumbo sized plant-based bag then I would definitely give it 5 stars. PoopBags: Great suggestion Jessica. The compostable bags are the most eco-friendly, but they're also the most sensitive with their lifespan before they break down. We'll watch for the demand to rise on this request before making that investment in a product with a limited shelf life. Thanks!

  • 5
    Great quality poop bags

    Posted by Tammi on May 30th 2018

    So glad I found these bags. I feel that getting away from all the plastic is better for the environment, and just trying to do my share too. I am impressed that these are made with plants! Keep up the good work!

  • 5
    poop bags

    Posted by carol holley on Mar 1st 2018

    I've been buying bio degradable poop bags from poopbags for YEARS and love them. they are the best

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