The Original Poop Bags® Mystery Box

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You are going to love The Original Poop Bags® Mystery Box!


The Mystery Box is a giant-sized box that will contain a variety of products we sell at The Original Poop Bags®, or other brands we manufacture.


The Mystery Box itself is structured like our SuperBox™, with a gravity fed dispenser or easy access opening from the very top of the box.  It will be loaded with leash-style rolls.


Since every box is a mystery, we can't say how many bags are in each one, or which brands that we manufacture are included, but we are 100% sure you'll be satisfied with value received. It will packed to the top with poop bags!


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    Best deal!

    Posted by Duong Nguyen on Jul 13th 2021

    Honestly, I don't even browse the website, I just go traight to the Mystery Box or the Damaged Box Deal if that's available and check out. One of these days I'll sit down and count how many leash rolls we receive in these boxes... but a box would last us a year, and that's with us giving away 1/3 to my parents (1 dog) , and sharing the big rolls with the neighbourhood's waste station sometimes. We have 2 70lbs heavy duty poo makers.

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    Quality ain't a Mystery here!

    Posted by Marlene Marko on Jan 26th 2021

    First: I use these poop bags to clean my two cat litter boxes (I've no dogs ... yet). And I ALSO use them in my kitchen for disposal of odds and ends. See, I have two cans that I used to line with plastic bags, now I use PoopBags. Easier, cleaner. Then I bought this Mystery Box on the off-chance that I'll be getting Something for my money, and, oh boy, didn't I get lucky! I bought this in April 2018 and didn't start using it until sometime in early 2019. I JUST bought a replacement in Dec. 2020, but I'm Still using my Apr 2018 stock for 2 litterboxes and 2 kitchen disposals! Hot diggity dog! Definitely worth the money.

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    Great deal

    Posted by GB on Nov 9th 2020

    This is a great deal on high quality bags! FYI shipping isn't free as stated - it's $5, but still a great deal. UPDATE: The button for free shipping must of been clicked off. There is a $5 credit in GB's shopping cart!