360 USDA Biobased Poop Bags, Peanuts Americana, Unscented, 9X13 inches

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  • 100% Compostable Strong & Leak Proof Promise
  • USDA Certified Biobased 100% Compostable Material
  • Made in USA Highest Standard ASTM D6400 Compliant (Citation)
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  • Free Shipping Over $35 Manufactured in USA
Biobased Poop Bags, Peanuts Americana which is exclusively from The Original Poop Bags®. This poop bag contains 360 total bags having a measurement of 9X13 inches. This bag is durable and leak proof and certified by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as biobased containing 38% plants. The USDA states the increased use of biobased products helps reduce the adverse impact of environmental and health related issues. The Original Poop Bags® products are globally trusted since 2003.

✅ GREAT PACK: Our product contains 24 unscented rolls, with a dimension of 9 x 13 inches, each roll has 15 poop bags for a total of 360 counts.

✅ EASY TO USE: The sticker of The Original Poop Bags® Peanuts Americana poop bags are perforated down the middle without tearing the first bag when you use it. You can also easily put it to any poop bag dispenser.

✅ENVIRONMENT MATTERS: Our products are the first pet waste bags on the market to be certified by the Department of Agriculture as bio-based product that contains at least 38% plants.

✅ THICK AND LEAK PROOF: Our highly durable poop bags are 100% leak-proof and incredibly thick, so you never have to worry about a mess in your hands while picking up poop with The Original Poop Bags® Peanuts Americana poop bags for your pet.

✅ AFTER SALE SERVICE: We've been providing excellent after-sales service for almost 20 years. If for some reason you do not like our poop bags, feel free to contact us and we will resolve the issue in timely manner. We're proud of our quality service and quality products for our customers since 2003!