CLEARANCE: Natural Pet Partners® 200 Ct Bulk Roll USDA Certified Biobased Waste Bags

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NOTICE:  This item was manufactured about 1/4" too wide on each roll.  While that doesn't seem like a big difference, it is enough to cause friction in the box so the bags don't pull out of commercial dog park dispensers.  Since those doors are locked, it's not easy to feed a new bag.  The bottom line...  If you're looking for a great value, and you're not going to be using them in a locked dispenser, this could be a great option.


SOLUTION:  Opening one end of the box, tearing off the end of the box, or just remove the roll from the box.



  • Made with USDA certified biobased materials

  • Made to fit most commercial dispensers

  • Made from thick and strong material that won’t rip

Now you can buy bulk rolls of animal waste bags! These commercial grade dog poop bags from Natural Pet Partners® are perfect for any park, airport, campground, or other commercial facility! Support the environment with us, and keep your business poop-free. If this is your first time ordering, we’ll give you a discount with the next pricing level. Place a note in the comments of your order that it is your first time ordering commercial poop bags, and we’ll adjust your pricing.

  • Solid black color

  • 2,000 bags per case

  • Made with 38% plant materials and starches


  • 3 Rolls / 600 Bags: $11.99

  • 6 Rolls / 1,200 Bags: $24.99

  • BEST DEAL:  10 Rolls / 2,000 Bags: $34.99