Winter is coming - get prepared for you and your dog!

Nov 4th 2015


Fall is here, meaning that it is time to start preparing for winter.

If you are a dog owner, this means making sure that your dog has everything that they need to make it through winter in both comfort and style: Fur is not enough to withstand freezing temperatures particularly not when it has been soaked by water. As a result, you need to make sure that your dog is dressed for the weather in much the same way that you are.  Now is the time to start looking for your pet's winter gear before sizes sell out, especially in the most popular medium to large range.

Furthermore, you should seriously consider getting a set of protective booties because the salt sprinkled to melt snow can hurt dogs' foot pads by drying them out.  Consider some salves such as Musher's Secret.

Your dog will still need exercise throughout the winter, which can be problematic if they are either too young, too old, or too sick to withstand the cold. Fortunately, you have a wide range of solutions for exercising with your pet, ranging from the use of a treadmill to signing them up for indoor classes.  Keep in mind, getting your pet exercise in the winter is good for you too!

Ever have someone walk out in front of car in the winter?  That feeling of seeing them and hearing your brakes pumping is sure to get your heart pumping in a not so good way.  Winter conditions can make it even more difficult for drivers to see your dog when they are outside, so get them either a reflective collar or some sort of reflective clothing to make sure that they stand out.

Please contact us to learn more about winter preparedness. Likewise, please contact us to learn more about eco-friendly solutions such as our poop bags.


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