WINNER of Best Poop Bags: The Original Poop Bags®

Posted by Paul D. Cannella on Feb 21st 2022

Named "Best Poop Bags" by 3 Independent Sources!!!

Honestly, I'm still in a little bit of shock after receiving all these accolades...

First, we were notified by the super eco-friendly leader Treehugger that we won BEST OVERALL POOP BAGS for our 100% certified compostable and Made in the USA poop bags. This is the product that I started the company with, and we have always fought hard to keep one SKU made in the USA for over 15 years. Trust me, it's not easy to make products in the USA!

Next we received the news from The Pet Innovation Awards that 

we won "WASTE BAG PRODUCT OF THE YEAR". It's a dog 

eat dog world in the pet waste bag industry, and with 13 other 

pet waste bag companies in consideration, this is a HUGE WIN 

for The Original Poop Bags® to beat them all!!! As a 30 year 

rugby player, I'd never gloat about a victory, but I'd shake each 

of their hands and congratulate them for their efforts.

Lastly (by timing), but certainly not least...  

We were notified by that 

The Original Poop Bags® has been 


BRAND" in Canada!!! 

We were also named "BEST WASTE BAGS DISPENSER BRAND" for our patented leash dispenser. Canada is one of the most eco-friendly countries on the planet, and they're leaders in recycling and composting programs. To be name

BEST IN CANADA really holds a special place in my heart.

I'm totally blown away, and wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting my small business that was started 

in my dining room in 2003 all the way through being sold in 35+ countries. 

Between our customers and the press, I'm really a lucky guy. I promise we will never rest, and we will always innovate to bring the highest quality, latest technologies, and lead market trends.

Very best regards,

- PC

Paul D. Cannella, Founder

The Original Poop Bags®


Poop Bags proudly been saving the Earth since 2003. We're dedicated to serving your needs with award winning animal waste bags, high caliber customer service, and playing a role in making the world a better place for the generations to come.

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