What Human Food Cats Can Eat?

Posted by Davin Trent on Dec 23rd 2022

If you have ever slipped treats to your cat even when it is on a diet just because you can't say no to those googly, kitty eyes... don't worry, you are not the only one!

Most of us are found guilty of stuffing our cats around the clock with their favorite foods - from feeding them canned tuna to giving them a taste of a savory morsel of our own food.

While this may be a form of bonding and affection between you and your feline friend, have you ever stopped to ask yourself: what human foods are good for your cat?

Understanding Cats' Unique Digestive Systems

When it comes to keeping your feline friend healthy and fit, a strong metabolism and digestive system are of pivotal importance. A cat's digestive system is not just something that digests its food; it also nurtures the trillions of microorganisms collectively called the microbiome.

A balanced microbiome is the prerequisite of a healthy digestive system which in turn regulates other important functions of the body.

Making sure that your cat has an optimal digestive system not only benefits your cat's well-being; it is also the desire of most cat parents, as a recent survey showed that 79% of pet parents want maximum nutritional value from the food they feed their pets.

So, what cat foods should you be using for your cat? Many human foods, cat foods, and some commercial cat foods like raw meat, raw fish, and raw eggs, (and a healthy treat here and there) are generally considered the best when it comes to satisfying a cat's daily calorie intake.

While this is generally true for many cats, most adult cats have a unique digestive system - some of which might have specific food-borne diseases or sensitivities towards most foods.

Therefore understanding your cat's digestive system is absolutely necessary to formulate the perfect portion for your cat's diet.

Nutritional Benefits Of Feeding Cats Human Foods

It might take the new cats' parents by surprise, but cats eat human food. And when we say eat, we mean they thoroughly relish sharing your food with you!

From accompanying you in your midnight ice cream to begging you for human food on the dinner table - cats love to eat the food of their parents, as much as they love to eat cat food.

Luckily, a lot of different types of human food are good for cats. As suitable and sufficient the regular, dry cat food is for an adult cat, it can also thrive on a number of human foods.

Cats can eat a number of human eatables, it all just depends on the type of food they are eating and the quantity of it that your feline is trying to chug down. There are a lot of common foods found on your kitchen counter that your cat's health (and your cat's tummy) can highly benefit from.

Different types of meats like beef, chicken, mutton, and fish contain a lot of protein-rich fibers and amino acids that are crucial for the muscular growth of a cat. An important amino acid called Taurine is important for cats.

Dogs can synthesize this protein on their own, but cats cannot. Cats need to ingest it in their food, which makes it necessary for you to make a meat portion in your cat's diet. So you're sure to find a disparity between thefood dogs should never eat and the ones that cats shouldn't!

All types of cats eat Fish happily, the smell of Tuna will turn your cat into a happy fluffball without fail (this is an understatement).

Aside from getting high serotonin levels in the cat, fish also contains some fatty acids which benefit their overall health. Fish also contains omega-3 fatty acids which are good for cats having joint and kidney diseases.

It is not common for cats to like vegetables, but if your feline likes a veggie snack, it would be good to provide them with some, as they offer a lot of water, vitamins, and fiber. Some of the vegetables that are safe for cats include steamed broccoli, asparagus, cucumber, and peas.

And if your cat has a sweet tooth for fruits, you would be delighted to know there are a few that are beneficial for them! For example, bananas, seedless watermelons, and even pumpkins can be offered as a healthy snack for your cat - as they contain a lot of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A.

Risks Associated With Feeding Cats Human Food

As beneficial as the aforementioned foods are for cats, however, cats have strikingly different nutritional needs than humans. And certain foods can have a very adverse effect on the metabolism of cats - some might even be lethal for them.

Therefore, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge of all the different types of foods that are safe or unsafe for your cats.

Foods like raw meat or raw eggs can lead to salmonella poisoning, and your cat can show symptoms like diarrhea and lethargy. Similarly, some vegetables or human foods containing those vegetables like onions, shallots, and garlic are damaging to your cat's blood cells and can lead to anemia.

We have all heard about chocolates being fatal to dogs, but let us warn you, they are just as poisonous for cats.

Caffeinated drinks and products contain chemicals that cause severe symptoms in a feline creature, like high body temperature, muscle tremors, seizures, and increased thirst. In case of any such symptoms, rush your pet to the nearest vet immediately.

With advancements in technology, there are new hi-tech pet products that enable cat owners to keep a thorough check on their furballs. Pretty Litter is one such option!

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Now, you can take this litter with you everywhere; without fear of odor or other hygiene problems!

Human Foods That Are Safe For Cats To Eat

Here, we shall be enlisting a number of human foods that you can feed to your cat without worrying, along with their nutritional value.


Cats are unapologetically meat-loving when it comes to food, and you should not hold back from feeding them meat in healthy amounts. Different types of cooked meats like turkey, chicken, lamb, and fish are good for your cats in healthy amounts.

Meats contain certain proteins and amino acids that are good for their muscular growth.


Cats can turn up their nose every time a vegetable shows up, and the same can be said about fruit. Certain fruits in healthy amounts are good for your cats, like blueberries, bananas, apples, and strawberries.


A few vegetables like steamed broccoli, peas, and cucumber can be classified as good cat food. Cats can eat them without any damage to their metabolism, and it can be an occasional treat.


Some grains like oats, barley, and brown rice are good for cats as they contain essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Human Foods That Are Dangerous To Give To Cats

Here is a list of human food you need to avoid in order to maintain the health of your adorable furballs.

Dairy Products

The digestive system of cats is not equipped to digest the fatty acids in dairy products, and the result can be an upset stomach or even diarrhea.


Alcohol and your cat are a lethal combination. Even in small amounts, alcohol is capable of doing fatal damage to your pet, as their bodies are a lot smaller than their humans (imagine a world where your cat could consume alcohol the way you do...!)


You might fancy a chocolate cake, but it can be life-threatening to your cat. Cats are not allowed caffeinated products under any circumstances. They are extremely dangerous for them.


Resins are another sweet food that should not be ingested by your cat. A cat can get sick by eating resins, and even licking can upset your cat's stomach.

Wrapping it up...

Our feline friends have different digestive systems from humans. It means that some human foods that are safe for us can be dangerous or even toxic for cats!

However, many human foods are also safe for kitties and can provide essential nutrients and added health benefits.

Hope now you have learned about the foods that you need to avoid feeding your cats!


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