What goes around, comes around!

Jun 17th 2015

I believe there are certain days in your life that will stand out when you’re looking back to reflect one day. I’m confident that I just experienced one of them.

I own three small businesses, and I have always said that part of my philosophy in business is giving back to the communities that support that my businesses. Recently we held a fundraiser at my restaurant, Taverna 750, to raise funds for Court Case Dogs. These are the dogs that must be held in Chicago’s animal shelter until their scumbag owner can go to trial. I’m a pretty forgiving person, but I have a heart of stone when it comes to animal abuse.

At the fundraiser, we met several of the volunteers that help these dogs, and we raised funds to rescue a beautiful dog named Hopalong! When the cover was removed from Hopalong’s picture, I definitely got a little watery-eyed. It was proud moment in life, and in business.

About a month passed, and we named our employee of the month, Flo. Our general office rule is that your bonus is to be spent on the PoopBags.com team. Flo decided to use her employee of the month bonus to take a field trip to walk Court Case Dogs and get Mexican food in Pilsen. At first, I wasn’t sure which to be more excited about – haha! In the end, there was simply no contest.

Shortly after entering, we learned all about the realities of the shelter. How many animals, and the wide range of types, that enter the facility. We also learned about the harsh realities about how many animals never leave the facility alive. It’s hard to hear, and disturbing to write it, but the truth is the truth. The folks that work and VOLUNTEER there are incredible people. I have such a high admiration of them, and I hope they get everything they want in life because they deserve it. I told them they are heroes in my eyes, and more importantly, in the eyes and hearts of those doggies!

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Do you believe in Karma? I do. I’ve been glowing since leaving that shelter. I just feel soooooo good, and I want to share that feeling with you, and more doggies in a tough situation. The issues we saw in our local shelter are not unique to Chicago. They are in every city in America, and around the globe. There are also DEDICATED hero-volunteers working away in your city. Folks, they can use some help. They can use donated food, treats, poop bags, toys, blankets, money and the most important thing of all… the most precious item on this Earth, your time.

Please, please, please I urge you to Google and find the local shelter in your area. Shoot them an email or give them a call to see how you can help. The most expensive and valuable thing you can offer, is your time to walk one of those doggies sitting in a cage. I have a feeling that donating the other items on that list will follow, because your heart will be opened up. More importantly, I know what will follow for you… Good Karma.

If you are already working to improve the lives of animals, or are inspired to take action after reading this, please share that with us by posting to our Facebook page or shoot an email to Paul@poopbags.com.
Take care.

– PC

Paul D. Cannella
President and Owner
PoopBags.com, Inc.

PS: The Mexican food was AWESOME!


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