Top 7 Innovative Cat Caves and Pods For Your Furry Friend

Posted by Emily Jackson on Jun 16th 2020

Even the most extroverted cat wants a little place to curl up and hide away in. The best way to give your cat the space they need is a cozy cat cave or pod. These days, there are some surprisingly innovative cat caves and pods too!

Why Get a Cat Cave?

Cats like to ‘burrow’ by instinct, and they really need a space to get away and feel like they have privacy. This instinct is the reason cats love climbing into boxes, bags, and basically anything else they fit into. Even if your cat’s really sociable, it’s good to give your cat a private space.

Product Reviews:

Best Budget Buy: Feline Ruff Indoor Cat House

This makes the perfect spot for your cat to hide away, and you can hide it away when you’re done with it too! For having such a small price, it’s actually quite a big cat house. Even better, it packs in a ton of convenience too. It takes less than a few seconds to ‘pop’ it out, and just about the same to collapse it. Most cats fit in it easily, and the opening is wide enough for even big kitties to get through. Plus, we can happily say it even fits a 22lb cat!

Luxury Cat Beds Your Furry Friends Will Love and Feel Safe In


  • Fits even very large cats
  • Extremely budget friendly
  • Easily to fold up


  • Will collapse if cats jump on top

Best Views: K&H PET PRODUCTS EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod

Most cats love looking out the window, but if your cat is obsessed, check out this pod. The design is perfect for letting cats cozy up and enjoy the view. The thing that really stands out about this pod is that it has a window so cats can look inside too!

It sticks to any window with suction cups, so it’s super easy to install anywhere. Don’t worry about it slipping though, it securely holds up to 60 lbs!


  • Gives views to inside and outside
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy- holds up to 60 lbs


  • Needs a rather large window to fit

Best Lounge Design: Primetime Petz Hauspanther Tripod - Cat Lounge Pod

We had to include this cat pod in our reviews; with the innovative hybrid design, it’s certainly unique! It has a modern feel that looks great in any space, and cats love jumping in it too. They get to feel cradled by the bubble underneath, but can still pop up to see what’s going on.

You know how your cat loves jumping in the sink? This pod gives them the same feel, without your cat hogging the sink.


  • Sleek design
  • Feels like a sink to cats
  • Easy for cats to get in
  • Cats get a great view


  • A little assembly required

Top Self-Warming: pedy 19" Cat Cave Bed

Cats love finding warm cozy spaces, but sometimes they want a private space too. This cat cave gives cats a perfect hiding or napping spot. The interior is surprisingly roomy, although the opening is smaller so cats can peek out.

One thing we really love is the 100% natural materials. You really can’t be natural wool when it comes to warmth. However, it also gets points for versatility. The top collapses for a cozy open bed too.


  • All natural wool
  • Self-warming
  • 2 in 1 design
  • Very roomy inside


  • Not ideal for cats over 12lbs

Best Cat Beds of 2020 (so far) | Tuft + Paw

Best Convertible Cat Cave: Felt Cat Bed Cave

This cat cave is convenient whether you want it for home or take as you travel. Not only is it fully collapsible, it also functions as a cat bed. Just zip off the top if your cat’s done with his alone time.

It definitely seems cozy, but don’t worry, it’s really durable too. It’s scratch resistant, and easy to wash. With cats, that’s a winning combination, especially considering how sturdy it is.


  • Holds large cats
  • Very durable
  • 2-in-1 design
  • Doesn’t get too hot
  • Easy to wash and take apart


  • Best to hand wash

Modern Design: MXCELL Large Stylish Cat Cave Bed

If you’re a fan of minimalist, modern design, but still want your cat to have a place to curl up, check out this cat cave. It’s a great piece of design, but as far as we can tell, cats love it too! It’s easy to clean, or even just wipe down. We were really happy with that of course, but seeing how spacious it is was impressive.It can hold really big cats (up to 22 lbs!), or a couple cats. Great design, and multi-cat friendly? That’s a win-win.


  • Minimalist design
  • Easy to clean
  • Very spacious


  • Not as much overhead coverage

Best Carrier/Cave Combo: K&H Pet Products Mod Capsule

Some cats run from their cat carrier (understandable), but they certainly love their cat caves! This Mod Capsule cat cave is the ideal solution. When you’re not on the go, leave it out as their ‘secret’ place. And when you need to go somewhere, enjoy the ease of actually getting kitty in the carrier and into the car.

One thing we really loved: it’s very safe in the car. It straps in with seatbelts, so you know your furry passenger is safe and comfortable.


  • Very safe for travel
  • Makes car rides easier
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Very soft inside


  • Machine washable, but line dry

Our Top Pick

Each cat pod and cave earned its spot in our review. Still, we have to choose our top pick, no matter how hard it is. Granted, depending on your cat’s personality, they may like other styles, but there’s a good reason for picking our winner.

Which was our favorite cat pod?

The K&H Products Window Pod wins. It has the innovative design we were looking for, with everything our cat loves. Rather than laying on a sunny spot on the ground, cats can soak up rays while getting a full view. Plus, the view to outside and inside makes it stand out from other cat window pods. 


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