Feb 21st 2022

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD or cannabidiol is a medicinal compound extracted from the cannabis plant. Even though most people are familiar with the marijuana plant that is rich in THC and gets them high, its cousin, hemp, is safer and more consumer-friendly.

Hemp has been used for many different purposes, including medicinal, for nearly a millennia. Nowadays, holistic veterinary science embraces a broader view of CBD oil and all its excellent healing properties and potential health benefits.

If appropriately used, CBD oil for dogs can become an effective and quite natural treatment for many behavioral and medical issues in dogs.

CBD in Detail

The cannabis plant (hemp) has over 60 chemicals, more known as cannabinoids. Two of these chemicals are the most interesting in our world: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is mostly related to getting high as the compound has psychoactive properties.

On the other hand, CBD is more of a therapeutic chemical. Because of that, isolated CBD oil is both non-psychoactive and safe. In other words, giving it to your pet won't get them high or endanger their wellbeing.

Quite the contrary, it will promote overall wellness and healing by stimulating the dog's endocannabinoid system. This rather complex system is an interconnected cluster of receptors that end in the organs, glands, nervous system, and the brain.

As such, it's in charge of healing and health, with its primary purpose being maintaining balance within the dog's body. All mammals rely on this system to regulate the immune response.

When you give CBD oil to your dog, it interacts with receptors and benefits them by acting as a natural neuroprotective agent. This is why CBD oil has so many potential health benefits to offer to your dog.

Reasons Why You Should Give CBD Oil to Your Dog

The reasons for giving CBD oil to your dog are many, but we're going to mention the most common and important ones.

Joint Stiffness and Pain

Dogs are prone to either degenerative or developmental issues with joints. These issues will start taking effect at some point in the life of your furry friend. Regardless of the leading cause, the pain will negatively reflect on the quality of your dog's life.

There are many different traditional and conventional methods to treat this condition: pain medications, steroid injections, surgery, exercise, and weight management. However, different methods work with different pets, and there's no guarantee that any of these treatments will work for yours.

Fortunately, there's a more cost-effective and safer alternative – CBD oil. According to some research, its anti-inflammatory properties target painful areas, providing relief, reducing pain, and soothing inflammation.

Pain Relief

While CBD oil can't cure arthritis, it is known to provide relief from various kinds of pain. However, the most targeted pain areas include nerve-related and abnormal inflammation-related pain. Any acute diseases are also associated with pain.

If your dog is suffering from acute pancreatitis that causes your pet to lose appetite, vomit, and continuously experience debilitating pain, CBD oil can help by providing much-needed relief.

It invokes the immune system to start dealing with the problem by providing the appropriate response to restore the balance within the dog's body. CBD oil can also help with oxidative stress that comes from free radicals. It decreases the effect of these radicals that cause your dog to age prematurely.


Due to so many similarities between the canine and human endocannabinoid systems, what works for humans pretty much works for dogs. With that in mind, CBD oil testing showed that dogs benefit from CBD oil just like humans do.

That's why CBD oil gets recommended by so many holistic vets. It can help dogs that suffer from general stress, phobias, and separation anxiety. It also encourages calmness and eases anxiety by initiating more effective chemical responses and transmissions, making it easier for your dog to calm down and release tension.

Dog Seizures

There is an increasing number of dog owners who turn to CBD oil to treat seizures and epilepsy. Hemp-derived CBD oil of the highest quality can provide relief from epileptic symptoms, allowing your furry friend to experience fewer seizures.

CBD Oil for Dogs Won't Get Your Pet High

When it comes to giving CBD oil to dogs, one of the biggest worries dog owners have is whether it will make them high. The answer is straightforward – no, it won't get your dog high.


CBD is the good cannabidiol that doesn't have any of the THC's psychoactive properties. In other words, CBD can't alter the mind of your dog, causing them to feel high.

The hemp plant does contain THC but in almost unnoticeable traces – less than 0.3%. To make sure your dog only gets the highest quality product, talk to your local suppliers, and only purchase a 100% THC-free CBD oil. Oh, and don't worry about legal issues as CBD oil is now legal in all 50 states.