​Tackling Pet Hair in Your Home

Posted by Gourav Sharma on Feb 21st 2022

If you dread human hair in your bathroom drain, then you must be dreading pet hair around the house too. Pets are extremely loveable because of their fun and loving nature. However, if you have been living with them for a long time already, you should know that having pet hair all over the house is normal. Though a normal occurrence, it is still distressing to be used to couches, clothes, and furniture being filled with pet hair. To help you maximize your relaxation time at home, we have come up with different methods to help you tackle pet hair effectively.

Throw it in the dryer

If you have a dryer at home or in the office, you will have an idea of what a dryer sheet is. This is an excellent way to get rid of pet hair. The trick to getting rid of pet hair from your clothes and garments is to throw them all in the dryer. This is after making sure that you have removed as much hair as you can. Once all of the sheets and clothes are in the dryer, add one or two dryer sheets. Set it to dry for about 10 minutes on low to no heat. The dryer sheets have anti-static features that prevent the hair from sticking to your garments and instead, lead it to the lint trap.

Invest in tape

Whether you are aware of it or not, the tape can actually be your best friend. If you have pets in the house and you hate seeing pet hair all over your clothes and furniture, then a pack of tape can work great for you. Duct tape can do the trick, just keep one at bay and readily accessible in case you need to get those pet hair off your surfaces.

Get a Reliable Vacuum

Can you imagine manually trying to get those pet hairs off your couch, moreover the narrow and hard-to-reach areas of your home? That is totally a nightmare. Thanks to technology we now have vacuums that we can rely on to do the work for us. It is important to perform regular vacuum maintenance so we can continue to use it in getting rid of pet hair. You can check PrimeReviews.org for a list of top-rated vacuum cleaners that you can purchase for your home and office.

Invest in a Humidifier

Humidifiers are excellent for purifying your air, but did you know that they also work great for dealing with pet hair? Having a humidifier at home decreases the chances of pet hair from clinging or sticking to surfaces. Plus, you also get to have an extra dose of hydrating quality to your skin. So you basically score two benefits from this one.

Use a Pet Grooming Glove

Pet hair can be problematic if you fail to groom your pet properly. Apart from giving them a shiny coat, a deshedding glove can work great in picking up pet hair after your grooming session. Simply swipe it over the surface and you will see pet hair sticking to its soft mitt and collecting them in one swoop. This is a convenient and fairly easy-to-use method as it is a wearable and affordable option.

Rubber Brooms Work Too

This is a favorite for many dog owners because this can be used everywhere! Yes, you can use this to get rid of hair in the carpet in the living room, in the kitchen, and even in the bathroom. If you feel like you do not want to use one broom for all those areas, feel free to invest in more. These can pick up pet hair on all types of floors so make sure to get one for your convenience.

Reach for a Window Squeegee

If you do not have anything that can remove pet hair at the moment, you can try reaching for a window squeegee. Apart from being a good tool to clean your windows, this also works like magic when used for pet hair. Simply scrape off your carpet or other surfaces with a few swipes and you will see pet hair coming off of it and sticking to your squeegee.


The methods mentioned above can easily be done in your home because all the things you need to handle pet hair can be found easily. Most of them are actually home essentials that you may be used to tend to other things now. Dealing with pet hair is never easy, however, it should not be too dreadful too. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by this situation because it is a part of having pets. Instead, make sure to have those available so you can have a stress-free and pet hair-free living. 


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