Feb 5th 2016

Suggested dog breeds for families with children

Children, like all of us at PoopBags, love having pets around. Pet dogs are especially good playing partners, companions, and they also teach children consistency and responsibility. However, not all dogs are ideal breeds to have around with children. While we love all dog breeds, we created this list of dogs for families with children along with a few of their unique qualities.

Despite requiring regular grooming, these dogs are great around children. They are sturdy but relatively energetic. They can make both good nannies and playmates for your children.

They have a sturdy stature and can withstand playing rough games with your kids. However, do not expect to see them running around with your children because they are not very energetic. A bulldog can also live anywhere be it a large mansion or a small flat.

Bull Terrier
These adorable little creatures are good babysitters, friendly, energetic and intelligent. They also are also good at withstanding rough games. 

Boxers love children and are quiet energetic. They are also enjoy being around people and especially their pack.

A collie is another breed that is friendly with children and can be very useful in shepherding. However, be prepared to set time aside and take care of their high maintenance furry coats. They are also easy to train.

This spotted beauty loves fun and play. It is also energetic and people oriented. It enjoys running around with children and snuggling with them at night. If you have horses in your home, a Dalmatian will bond well with it because it has a high affinity for them.

Golden Retriever
A golden retriever is a great swimmer, helpful around children, energetic and very patient.

Labrador Retriever
Labradors is a good choice for a family with children because it is very protective, reliable, loving, playful and enjoy pleasing their humans. They are also known for their brilliance and can be trained to assist your child during seizures.

These big furry dogs are also sweet around children despite their intimidating appearances. They shed and drool a lot and are ideal for families with spacious houses. They watch out for their owner and like being around people.

You probably have never heard of this dog, but it has very attractive qualities that will make you want to buy for your kids. This dog is a highly energetic and it needs regular exercise. Therefore, it is ideal for energetic families who have older children. It also likes spending time in the house with its family. It is very affectionate, quiet, gentle and loyal. A Vizsla is also a smart, confident and obedient dog that easily learns new tricks. Above all, it has a very little dog smell.