Jun 2nd 2020

Start Thinking Of Having Cats – Benefits Of Being Cat Owner

Leading a happy and contented life is mere fiction for many. But when it comes to pet owners, things are way more different than the rest. Being a part of our lives, pets play a vital role as a companion. Not only they help us in providing a physical presence, but they also connect with us spiritually, helping us to cope up with our daily routine.

Research reports have shown that people with pets are likely more capable of dealing with bad moods and emotional strikes. Especially when you are a cat owner, things are very much pleasant and alluring for you. You have with you socially interactive specie that never lets you get bored of your surroundings.

The feeling and sense of loneliness are far ahead of you when you an owner to a cat. Wondering what else are the benefits of being a pet-cat owner, then for sure, there is a lot to know more. Below mentioned are a few of the most prevalent aspects of having an animal-friend at your house.

Better Environment – Effective Presence

If you find yourself among the ones who love to keep pets but concerned about your carbon footprint, then indeed; be a cat owner instead of a dog. Resources that are needed to feed a dog are creating a significant amount of eco-footprint as compared to cats. However, you can still use dog rolls to sustain your home. But for your legitimate concerns, keeping a cat as a pet is much ecofriendly.

They'll Help You Cope

With all the other benefits that are associated with keeping a cat at home, the most exciting part about is that its presence will help you cope with your difficult times. Studies have shown that cats have significantly boosted their owners in providing comfort effectively. People tend to recover from loss more quickly when they have owned a pet, especially a cat. Although they are only animals, cats have provided to be the best social companions when it comes to stress and anxiety. Moreover, people who are mourning the death of their loved ones have shown rapid recovery by speaking and communicating with their pets.

You Find A Significant Other

If you are just a single person living alone in a house or university dorm, then becoming a cat owner is the best way to forgo your loneliness. A recent study in America found out that “82 percent of people love to keep a pet when they are all alone at a place. Moreover, it also helps you in getting close to potential significant other.”

As studies have shown that most of the women are attracted to men who take an interest in pets. Isn't that fascinating! Facts apart, you will find the pet itself to be a significant part of your life, helping to spend your leisure time more peacefully. It also helps you in coping with your work. Mr. Johnson Steward, a renowned dissertation proposal writing service provider, says that "A pet cat helps in relaxing down our mind, enabling us to keep toxic thoughts out of head".

Cat Ownership Means Fewer Allergies

When you have small kids in your house, then keeping pets can sound daunting to you. But the situation is way more different as it seems to you. Because when you are a cat owner, you don't have to worry about your child's care. National Institute, in 2002, revealed that “children who were exposed to cats were likely to catch significantly fewer allergies than those found with other pet animals.”

Moreover, there are very fewer possibilities if catching infectious diseases from such friendly animal. While some may argue that there some threats associated with cast's toxoplasma gondii. However, things are well under control when protective and preventive measures are taken. Keeping your cats at home and changing cats' litter box regularly will keep you away from any allergy.

A Healthier Heart - Profound Lifestyle

Having any pet is suitable for your spirit. Cats, in particular, lower your stress level—probably since they don't want as much effort as dogs—and reduce the measure of anxiety in your life. Petting a cat has a definite calming influence. Studies have also found that “over a 10-year time, cat owners were thirty percent less likely to die of heart illness or stroke than non-cat owners.”

Your Need For Companionship

The stereotype that dogs are more loving than cats is just that: a convention. In fact, it becomes out that cats can be just as great of friends as dogs, particularly for women. An Austrian study carried in 2003 found that owning a cat in the house is the sentimental equivalent of having a companion. As well as receiving contact much of the time, studies have shown cats will remember the generosity shown to them and pay the favour later.


Considering all the aspects mentioned above, it is right to say that keeping a pet is undoubtedly well beneficial in many ways. Be it is reacted to the environment or your own health, the presence of a pet cat will definitely bring a significant change in your life.

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as IT Head at Crowd Writer and Trainer at Dissertation Assistance. It is a platform that takes great pride in providing students with bespoke facilities to their search for "do my assignment". Amanda, being an active member, likes to help the generation with her knowledge and experience.