Safety tips for you and your pet in the SCI (cold, snow, and ice)!

Posted by Carissa Hoch on Dec 21st 2016

Unless you are a proud owner of an Alaskan Malmute, the chances are that your one on one time with your pet will be a significant amount of time shorter than you would is spring or summer weather!!

Just like any other time of year, you and your pups safety are first on the list!  Here are 6 tips to ensure you are walking in a Winter Wonderland this year!!

Trim your dog's nails for better traction!  If you don’t do a good job of keeping your dog’s nails trimmed, you increase the chances of her slipping and sliding around.

Use a bookbag/backpack- If frigid winds are limiting you and your pup to “bite-sized” walks and doing little to relieve your dog of his excess energy, one solution may be to add some weight to the walk — literally. Put a backpack on your dog and you may discover that it forces him to focus more and siphons off a lot of that “naughty” energy, turning him into the “nice” dog you’re used to the rest of the year.

Protect those delicate feet!! Cold, snow, ice,salt, and more can all wreak havoc on your dog’s feet during the winter months, but one simple way to add a layer of protection is to slather on some petroleum jelly.

Sometimes breed does matter- Certain longer-haired breeds may be begging you to stay out for more time when it’s cold outside, but if you’ve got a Chihuahua, a Doberman, or another short-haired dog, be very mindful of how cold they are.  A very nice dog coat can be extremely useful, just be sure it does not restrict your pets movement.

Don't push yourself!!  Worry about keeping your dog safe, sure, but don’t neglect yourself in this equation. If the wind is cutting into your very soul and you can’t feel your fingers anymore, it’s probably a good sign that you should head back inside.


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