Nov 25th 2022

​3 Reasons Why Dogs Bury Their Poop

Do you ever wonder why dogs bury their poop? It's a behavior that is often puzzling to humans. There are actually several reasons why dogs might bury their poop, and each has to do with the dog's own unique personality and needs.

In this blog post, we will discuss three of the most common reasons why dogs bury their poop. We will also offer some tips for helping your dog overcome this behavior if necessary.

1.) Instinct

Dogs bury their poop for a variety of reasons. Some people believe that dogs bury their poop to hide the evidence from humans, while others believe that dogs bury their poop to disguise the smell. However, the most likely reason why dogs bury their poop is because they are following their natural instinct to bury scent markings.

2.) Predators

There are many theories out there as to why dogs bury their poop. Some people say that it's because they're trying to hide their scent from predators, while others believe that the dogs are simply trying to bury their food so they can come back and eat it later. No one really knows for sure why dogs do this behavior, but it's definitely something that dog owners have wondered about!

3.) Pride

Some dogs simply like their own poop. It’s common for dogs to eat poop or even roll around in it. They are far from disgusted by it. It’s not a common reason, but it’s certainly possible that your dog simply treasures its poop and wants to hide it for safekeeping.