​Pet Relocation Service – What should pet owners do to ensure a safe journey for their pets?

Posted by Mandy Bular on Jun 22nd 2020

Ease of movement is most important when you are moving home, and you must ensure that every member of your family feels comfortable during the journey. You must take special care of your pets because cats, dogs, and other animals are extremely sensitive to moving. For pets, travel can be stressful and traumatic, and to take out the stress of travel; you must avail professional pet moving services like the one offered by Shiloh Animal Express Pet Relocation. The professional pet moving service will take proper care of pets during travel and make the journey comfortable. Whether you travel by air or road, the services of the pet moving company will give you complete peace of mind because your pet is in safe hands.

Although the pet moving company will do the heavy lifting, you must be aware of the checklist about pet moving regulations and how to ensure safe passage, and you can be sure that the company is checking the right boxes.

Pet regulations checklist

Stay aware of the rules and regulations about moving pets so that you can ensure proper compliance. This is important because rules vary between states and countries.

State rules and local ordinances 

Check with the Department of Agriculture or the Veterinary Office about moving pets' rules and regulations. In your new town, check local ordinances, learn about licensing rules, leash laws, zoning laws that may prohibit some pets in residential areas, and limit the number of pets per household.

Apartments and condos

Even if you do not have exotic pets that many communities do not allow, some even impose restrictions on cats and dogs at home. Make sure that you can take your dog or cat to the new home and any payments that you may have to make for it.

Health certificates

Check about the requirement of health certificates for pets at the new location so that you can obtain it before moving out. Moreover, there is a requirement for rabies tag for cats, dogs, and exotic pets in most places, which you must also comply with.


For moving exotic pets, it might require a permit to enter a new state or country that you can ask your vet to help with.

Devices and tools for pet safety

Although the pet moving company will ensure safe travel for your pet, you can also enhance its safety by using devices and tools that help you find your pets if it gets lost.

ID tags and microchips 

Tying a collar for the ID tag on your pet that includes the name, the destination address, and your number is the first step. You can also put microchips on your pet so that it is recorded in the pet recovery system, which helps in easy identification of the pet if it is lost, and you will be informed to collect it.


Put a collar on your pet, and you may need a harness so that the animal, if fidgety, is unable to wiggle out.

Talk to the pet moving company to understand the kind of pet carrier that you must provide for air travel and arrange for it.


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