​Life-lengthening health tips for your pet

Posted by Mia Ackerson on Feb 17th 2020

Majority of people all around the world own at least one pet in their home, usually a cat or a dog, or both. Pets enrich our lives in so many ways. They are our loyal companions, and they bring us joy and happiness with their presence. Unfortunately, pets have a short lifespan, which highly depends on the species. In order to make sure our pet lives a long and happy life, we need to take care of it properly. What does it mean properly, you wonder? Read about some health tips to lengthen the life of your pet, and you might be surprised by some things you can do.

Provide your pet with a quality diet

When on the topic of how to add years to your pet’s life, we ought to start with the base for every life: food and water. Your pet reaps many benefits from a healthy and nutritious diet, and they include shiny fur, healthy-looking skin, and bright eyes. Proper nutrition also strengthens your pet’s immune system; it helps maintain its intestinal health, increases its acuity, and keeps muscles, joints, and bones healthy. When you provide your pet with a quality diet, you also ensure that it stays lean, which is essential as it keeps it out of risk for developing heart diseases, diabetes, and arthritis.

Also, you need to make sure that your pet is hydrated. Always leave a water bowl so your pet can find it and fill it up with fresh water. Consider giving your pet alkaline water as it reduces acidity in your pet’s body, and it also boosts the elimination of toxins.

Make your pet do some exercise

Obese pets are in danger of developing many diseases, and that’s why it’s key to keep them lean. Obesity can shorten a pet’s life for two years, so it’s an issue you mustn’t overlook. Make sure you walk your pet regularly or provide it with space to run and exercise. A combination of proper diet and regular exercise is a base for a healthy, happy, and long-lasting life of your beloved pet.

Take proper care of the overall hygiene of your pet

Another important factor when it comes to life-lengthening health tips for your pet is hygiene. For example, if you have a cat, it’s important to clean its litter box every day, as some toxic bacteria can develop and infect humans as well. It’s also essential to wash your pet’s bedding on a regular basis as flea eggs and larvae, ticks, and other skin parasites find it a perfect spot for thriving. Don’t forget to clean its food and water dishes, as well as toys. Different flooring requires different hygienic treatment. For example, if you have carpets, make sure you vacuum the pet hair regularly as pet residue such as urine, saliva, and skin cells cause allergies in people. So, carpeting is not actually the best option for you and your pet. Consider vinyl flooring as an absolutely pet-friendly and hygienic floor alternative. It is a flooring most suitable for cats and dogs as it doesn’t get chilly during cold days, and it can be cleaned up easily. This means proper home hygiene, which matters to keep your pet healthy.

Prevent possible health issues by taking your pet to the vet regularly

Taking your pet regularly to the vet can help in early diagnosis of potential problems and, thus, prompt treatment. It is also less costly to go to regular check-ups than to treat an illness that’s already at an advanced stage. A regular check-up is suggested at least once a year.

Maintain your pet’s dental hygiene

Dental issues in our pets aren’t an uncommon occurrence. These issues can prevent your pet from eating regularly, and they can also cause further health issues such as problems with kidneys or the heart. In order to prevent this, you should clean your pet’s teeth regularly and provide it with dental diets, treats, and toys.

Don’t let your pet be unsupervised

When your pet is roaming unsupervised, it is surrounded by many potential dangers such as predators, poisons, contagious disease, the traffic, and others. In order to prevent these accidents, always keep your pet on a leash and don’t let it run freely in an open space lurking with many dangers. Make sure it’s always in your sight.

Losing a beloved pet is something that we all fear and something that makes us utterly sad. However, this is something we can’t prevent from happening eventually. What we can do as pet owners is to take care of our pet the best we can and provide it with love and nurture it deserves, and it is bound to live a long and happy life.

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Mia Ackerson is a Melbourne-based writer. Loves writing about pets and sharing her knowledge with other enthusiastic pet owners. She’s also interested in reading books, movies, music, baking, gardening, and home decorations. You can follow her on twitter








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