Let’s Bag that Pet Poop Problem

Posted by The Original PoopBags on Nov 4th 2015


In addition to inspiring the ire of the old man down the street who screams at you and your dog to "STAY OFF MY LAWN," your pet's waste can also lead to serious environmental hazards unless you properly dispose of Fido's fecal matter when out and about on your walks.

While it is easy to believe that your four-pound dog has little to contribute to the over all amount of environmental pollution in your neighborhood, the fact remains that the shortest route to infection runs on an arc that begins with accumulated animal waste to the nearest storm drain. Since storm drains rarely lead to treatment facilities, the toxins, pushed along by rainwater, typically ends up in area streams, rivers, creeks, and lakes. This in turn increases ammonia levels in the water and lowers available oxygen making it impossible for fish and aquatic life to exist in the tainted environment.

Responsible pet owners not only pick up their pet's waste before the cranky neighbor makes it to his front porch, but they also make sure that they properly dispose of the material in an eco-friendly manner. After all, it is not like that poop just goes poof the minute it hits the landfill.

Biodegradable poop bags ensure that your pet waste disposal practices remains green throughout the entire process.


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