​Horse health and CBD oil – Things that CBD oil dealers should know

Posted by Simon Morris on Feb 21st 2022

Gradually, the stigma and taboo on CBD oil is getting erased. People across the world are counting on it for personal use as well as healing their pets. Other than cats and dogs, CBD oil is also found to be beneficial for horses. Are you planning to become a distributor for CBD oil for horses? If yes, then you need to get updated on specific facts before you go ahead with this business idea.

How does CBD oil work on animals?

The latest scientific discoveries reveal that animals, like humans, have their endocannabinoid systems all across the body. And this offers receptors for the medical compounds. It also suggests that the animal body has an innate capacity to use, metabolize, and process CBD or cannabis. Hence, CBD oil can help the various body organs of animals, which comprise the immune system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and brain functions. To know more about this, you can refer to the pet community website.

The products that are good for horses

If there's THC content, it's not suitable for horses. THC isn't a required compound for horses to experience the positive benefits of cannabis. THC might result in side effects that you wouldn't want your horse to experience, such as unfavorable alterations in their brain chemistry, increased anxiety, mood swings, and hallucinations. All these will make it very difficult to manage your horse and train it accordingly. It might also interfere with its quality of daily life.

Sometimes, all these symptoms and side effects might result in long-term stress. You need to know that horses are sensitive and can respond/react to multiple aspects in their immediate external environment. There’s no need for a horse to feel the psychoactive “high” to experience any health benefits.

Luckily, the industry protocols restrict the THC content in every CBD oil, which contains lesser than 3% of THC. And this limited THC percentage gets processed before the same gets absorbed while making high-end CBD oil, which is safe for horses.

Horse health conditions that get better with CBD oil

Though this is more for the horse owners, even the CBD oil for animals' distributors can use this know-how to their advantage. A high-end CBD oil can treat horses suffering from stiffness, pain, anxiety, chronic stress. You can use the same for the horses in the stall-rest undergoing herd-bound problems and having muscle/joint problems. Horses suffering any immune system problem can also use CBD oil to heal the same. Few other conditions that CBD oil can improve include:

  • Sore and numb muscles.
  • Low appetite.
  • Digestive issues.
  • Vaccine reactions.
  • Anxiety.
  • Cancer and its treatment side-effects.
  • Acute stress and nervous disorders.
  • Issues with hair coat, tail and mane.

Like other pets and animals, horses over the past few years have benefited immensely from high-end CBD oil. Other healing the list of physical conditions mentioned above, it also helped to promote a sense of improved mental and physical well-being. It gives the horses emotional relaxation that helps their body function better and respond correctly to the external environment around them. As a dealer or distributor of CBD oil for horses, you need to keep these facts in mind, to plan and promote your business better.


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