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Posted by The Original PoopBags on Dec 17th 2015

Do you have some last minute holiday shopping for a new puppy owner? Want to find something for your dog walker? Want the gift that gives back? If all else fails, treats are great, too! Here are some options for you.

Puppies become even cuter once they are potty trained. If you know someone with a new puppy or struggling with training, consider the gift of Fresh Patch. Made with real grass, Fresh Patch acclimates the pup with making on fresh grass.

To provide the insider scoop on great gifts ideas for dog walkers, asked a pro what she would like to receive from her clients. To our delight, The Original PoopBags made the short list filled with other super suggestions!

Through December 24, Recycled for Rescue is selling festive recycled wine bottles. 50% of the proceeds go to the nonprofit Lulu's Locker, a rescue dedicated to hard to place dogs and cats. Choose from painted ($10) or LED lights ($20). Shipping is an additional $6. To order, send an email to Recycled for Rescue. Sorry to say, these beautiful bottles no longer contain wine.


The freshly made treats from Happy Husky Bakery are ready to ship! Whether a fun stocking stuffer or goodies to stash in the pantry, the treat boxes and baskets from Happy Husky Bakery will make tails wag.


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