Feb 21st 2022

​Hiking With Your Dog: 7 Essential Items You Need to Pack for Your Outdoor Adventure



Going on an outdoor trip on your own versus doing it with your friends are different adventures. Some soul searching can happen when you're alone, but a good time and a new level of bonded relationship can occur when you do it with your loved ones.

But those aren't the only options you have when you want to take a nature adventure. There's one more companion that you can bring, and that's your four-legged, paw-sweating friend.

When you decide to bring them with you, be sure to pack your hiking poles and ensure you last the entire trip since dogs have better endurance. And don't forget to bring these seven essential items:

Dog Leash

While some trails may allow your pets to be off-leash, there are still some parks that are not particularly okay with dogs walking on their own.

It's some form of trail etiquette that all hikers should respect and follow.

However, if you bring a leash for your pet, make sure to carry one that's not extendable. That's because your pets may get entangled in a bush if you let them either lead the way or be behind a bit.

Bringing a leash is for your dog's safety and the safety of everyone you come in contact with along the trail.


Hiking Packs

If you want to pack light, consider letting your fur-baby carry other stuff for you.

Dogs can be great carriers if you give them the chance to do so—and of course, only when they're trained. If this is their first time carrying a pack, it might be detrimental to their health, or it could slow your pace.

Before getting one for your pet, make sure to measure their chest first. Doing so will help you determine what size or type of hiking pack you should buy for your dog.

Certain types of containers have different pockets and compartments. They could work best for your little hiking essentials like a beef treat for your loyal companion or a towel to keep you dry.

Dog Boots

Dog boots aren't necessarily their best friend. Often, they would kick the boots out of their paws and try as much as they can to get rid of them.

But when you plan to hike for longer miles, you might want to consider bringing one to protect your dog's paws.

You can try to put them on days before the trip so that they'll get accustomed to wearing them, rather than surprising them with the boots on the day of the trip. You might end up wasting time getting them to wear a pair.

Food and Snacks

Don't forget to bring some munchies for your doggies. You must fill their bellies with food to provide them with the energy they need to last the whole trip.

According to popular belief, hiking can increase the appetite of both humans and canines. So, you need to build that energy for your pup so they can keep up with your expected pace.

If you're wondering about the volume of food and snacks to bring, base it on your dog's energy level. If your pet is fit and playful, you might have to carry extra packs of treats and kibbles to ensure that they are well-fed during the adventure.


Like humans, dogs can get dehydrated, too, if without liquids for long periods.

As the fur parent, you have to be responsible for your dog's wellbeing. So, when you go out into the wild, you have to bring enough water to keep them hydrated.

It's important to let them drink during the entire hike to avoid any health problems that may occur, like heat stroke or dehydration.

Be sure to steer them away from creeks and rivers. The sight of water can make them thirsty and would want to lick right away. These bodies of water may contain contaminants that are harmful to your pets.

Poop Bags

Dog poop may be the least sexy thing you can ever find in an article, but it must be discussed nonetheless.

When your pet does his business outside of your house, it's your responsibility to clean up after his mess. Bringing poop bags with you is the most sensible thing you can do when you hike with your furry friend.

You don't only clean it up, but you also respect the environment and your fellow hikers.

First Aid Kit

The most important one of all is to bring a first aid kit. It's not to anticipate anything unfortunate to happen, but it's one way of being proactive, especially in cases where you and your dog will be out in the wild.

You also have to consider if your dog is taking any medications. If they are, their meds should be one of the first things you put in your bag or your hiking pack.

It's your job as a fur parent to be wary of these things. At the end of the day, you are their earth guardians tasked to ensure that they live a comfortable and happy life on this planet.



You might think it's a crazy idea to bring your pet with you when you go hiking. But once you try it, you'll never go back out in the open without them by your side.

It's an actual therapeutic activity that could make an impact on how you do life.