Mar 25th 2020

Gas Station Pumps are the Worst for Germs!

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family....with The Original Poop Bags®

As a world, we are doing our best to stay indoors, stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and keep ourselves and our family healthy.  When we go for essentials, despite our precautions, we're unknowingly exposing ourselves to germs of all types, including the COVID-19 virus. How? By touching surfaces on those errands!

Gas Station Pumps are the Worst for Germs!

When you pull up to the pump, put your credit card in, touch the buttons and grab the pump, you don't think about all the germs and assume you're staying safe. You're not! Gas pumps are the most germ-infested things you can touch: 71% of gas pumps are "highly contaminated" with microbes associated with illness and disease, according to a study by Kimberly-Clark Corporation(1). On average, gas pumps have more than 11,000 times more bacteria than the common household toilet seat! (2).


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Protect Your Hands, Protect Your Family

So how do you kill those germs when there is no sink or hand sanitizer available, and plastic gloves are at a premium? Well, here's the good news! You know those poop bags you use when you walk your dog? They fit perfectly over your hands for anything you might be touching outdoors, whether it's the gas pump, outdoor handles or elevator buttons. Just slip a clean poop bag over your hand, pump your gas, and then back into your pocket for your next dog walk.  If you use The Original Poop Bags(R), you're using a sustainable bag.


So go ahead - pump your gas, but protect yourself by putting a The Original Poop Bags® over your hand first!