​Easy Ways to Take Care Of Your Dog's Hair

Posted by Rachel Merashi on Jun 18th 2020

Every dog owner knows one thing – that their pet’s hair gets everywhere. Every dog is unique, which means that their needs are as well. But the fact is, caring for a dog’s hair can be a hurdle. Thankfully, you can consider these tips to keep your pet’s hair clean, pretty, and bright.

1. Healthy dog equals a healthy coat

Maintaining a shiny coat starts from the inside. A high-quality diet is a basis for coat and skin health. Ensure that your canine friend is getting the right nutrients depending on their activity level and age. Give them supplements like coconut oil and omega-3 fatty acids to help minimize flaking, dryness, and shedding. You may also include egg yolks in their diet because the fats and vitamins feed dogs’ coats. Lastly, when you decide to introduce new foods to your pet, make it gradual.

2. Don’t stop brushing

Frequent brushing will help to detangle your dog’s hair. It also aids in distributing natural oils into the coat. Before buying a brush, make sure that you understand whether your dog has fur or hair. A simple online search onhair vs. fur for dogs will give you a list of the dogs with fur and those with hair. That way, you will understand the care that your canine friend needs. For instance, long-haired pets should be brushed daily, while those with fur can be cleaned once a week.

3. Use the proper shampoo

Research on how often the breed should be bathed and stick to the recommendations. When washing your pet, choose a shampoo that conforms to the dog’s skin type and hair. Those with dry skin may require some moisturizing products to combat itchy feelings. For instance, some breeds are susceptible to ticks or fleas, and they would benefit from the relevant shampoo. Some shampoos are formulated for puppies, while others are made for older dogs.

4. Mind the ears

Don’t forget to clean your canine friend’s ears during bathing and grooming sessions. Get products that won’t affect the ear lobe. For instance, water-based products are likely to leave the ears moisturized, which may result in bacterial and yeast infections. On the other hand, alcohol-based sanitizers might leave a burning effect or leave an ulcer inside the ear. Buy a product that contains witch hazel and ensure that it is safe to use on dogs.

5. Exercising is vital

Regular exercise will keep your dog and its coat in great shape. Ensuring that your furry friend is healthy comes with keeping a shiny, pretty skin. The daily walks offer more than quality bonding time. It keeps your dog’s coat in great shape. If you are bored walking the same path, find a new one that is dog-friendly.

6. Limit bathing time

Washing your pet regularly is instrumental in keeping the coat healthy between grooming sessions. If you take your pet for professional grooming, you should bath it when it gets messy. Avoid cleaning your pet more than once a week. Also, please don’t go for over a month without bathing it. However, these are only general recommendations. It would help if you considered the breed before settling on the ideal frequency.

7. Take note of irritants

When grooming, brushing or bathing your dog, take note of parasites like ticks and fleas. They might result in health issues or irritate your dog’s skin. Pollen might also cause skin irritations. Therefore, wipe its paws and coat with a wet cloth after a long day in the outdoors.


Caring for your pet’s fur or hair is not only beneficial for aesthetics. It improves a dog’s health and allows their skin to breathe. You will also catch fleas and other parasites before they reproduce.


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