​Common Dog Hydration Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Posted by Scott Matthews on Jun 19th 2020

Water plays an important role in your dog’s nutrition. In fact, it’s much more important than carbs, minerals, and vitamins. Similar to your body, a dog’s body loses water throughout the day. He loses water when he pees, sweats through his paws, and when he pants.

Dogs that lose too much water can get very sick. And this might lead to death. Therefore, it’s important to replace the water that your dog is losing all day long. If you are reading this article, chances are you left your house without filling up your dog’s water bowl. Or, your dog is sick and you aren’t sure if it’s a dehydration problem.

Today, we are going to discuss the common dog hydration mistakes that you’ve been making unknowingly. As a pet parent, you are going to make a lot of mistakes. However, don’t be too hard on yourself. When you learn from your mistakes, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge that will not only improve your dog’s health but also help other pet parents in your neighborhood. Let’s get started!

Feeding your dog dry food

If your furry friend is the type of dog who requires encouragement to drink water or if he’s been sick and requires water, one of the best ways to get more water inside their bodies is by giving them wet or hydrated food.

Since most dog foods are usually dry, all you need to do is add some freshwater into your dog’s food and mix it in. If your dog loves dry pellets, ensure that you leave the food for at least fifteen minutes for it to absorb water before allowing your dog to eat.

Feeding your dog salty foods

According to assignment writers australia, foods that contain high amounts of salt are not good for your furry friend. Excessive consumption of salt leads to excessive thirst. If your dog doesn’t drink water after consuming salty foods, he will become dehydrated. Apart from dehydration, salt also leads to high blood pressure.

Even if your dog seems to enjoy your snacks, it’s not a good idea to share your bowl with him. Some of the foods that contain a lot of salt include biscuits, crisps, popcorn, and bread. Overconsumption of salt can lead to vomiting and tremors.

Forgetting to fill up your dog’s water bowl

Most of us have a very busy schedule. With lots of things to do at every moment, it’s easy to rush out of the house without filling up the dog’s water bowl. As we said earlier, when your dog eats without drinking water, he will be dehydrated. And this can lead to a ton of problems.

Therefore, when feeding your dog in the morning, always remember to fill up the dog’s water bowl. Do not postpone doing this because you are likely to forget. You should also place the water bowl in a place where your dog can easily access it.

If your dog spends most of his time in the garden, you should leave the bowl outside. If he’s going to stay indoors when you are away, you should place the water bowl in a room that he can easily access. Or, you can place water bowls in different locations.

Always check the level of your water bowls before leaving. If the bowl is still full the next day, empty and wash it with soap and water and refill it.

Investing in small water bowls

As college paper writing service reports, it’s very important to ensure that your water bowls are of the right size for your dog. Investing in very large water bowls is also a mistake because your dog can step in or spill it. Some pups can’t resist the urge to swim in large water bowls. As your dog grows, you’ll need to invest in bigger water bowls because their bodies will require more water.

Research studies show that dogs require an average of 30ml of water for every pound of body weight every day. By multiplying your dog’s weight by 30ml, you can easily figure out his daily water requirement.

If you have a heavy dog, you must be wondering how he’s going to consume all that water in a day. The food he consumes and the length and intensity of exercise will determine how much water your dog drinks.

You can prevent dehydration by ensuring that the water bowl has enough water every single day. Forming the habit of topping up water every time you feed him will help your furry friend stay hydrated all day long.

Letting your dog get too hot

Enclosing your dog in a hot environment or leaving him in the car during the hot summer months leads to overheating and death. Dehydration and heat stroke are the leading causes of death. In the UK, the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals receives an average of a call every two hours during the summer months regarding a furry friend that was left in a car.

Even when the temperatures are fairly warm outside, temperatures in your car can rise quickly in less than an hour. And these temperatures can lead to severe heatstroke and death. You should never leave your dog in a hot and enclosed environment. Ensure that your dog stays in a ventilated area with fresh water to drink.

Warning signs

According to personal statement writing service, if you don’t know how much water your dog drinks in a day, it will be difficult to know if our dog is dehydrated. You need to look at the water levels in your water bowls every day before washing them. Some of the common warning signs of dehydration include:

  • Lethargy – Lack of water makes everything hard for your dog because his muscles will be less energetic due to a reduced supply of blood. Dehydrated dogs are usually weak and tired.
  • Reduced appetite – Research studies conducted by buy college papers show that dehydration makes it difficult for your dog to swallow and digest food. If you start noticing that your dog is not interested in his favorite food, then it could be a sign of dehydration.
  • Excessive panting – This indicates that your furry friend is hot and thirsty. At this point, you should give him some water otherwise the dehydration will get worse.
  • Dry nose and gums - A healthy dog should have a moist and wet nose and gums. A dehydrated dog usually has a dry nose which can start cracking.
  • Sunken eyes – This happens mainly because the muscles behind the eye and eye itself are dehydrated. If your dog has sunken eyes, his dehydration is serious and you should call a veterinary immediately.
  • Low skin elasticity – If you tug a dog’s skin, it should get back into place almost immediately. When a dog is dehydrated, his skin will hold its shape for a couple of minutes or it will take some time for it to return to its original position.

Best Home Remedies

You can use Pedialyte on a dog that doesn’t drink water voluntarily. Dilute Pedialyte with plain water (50:50) and offer with a syringe. You can also give fresh water after the administration.

If you don’t have Pedialyte, you can feed your dog chicken or beef broth which will hydrate and also provide electrolytes that your dog needs.

Another great option is to have an electrolyte solution in your house. Most dog owners use these products regularly to improve the performance of their dogs. You can find these solutions on Amazon


While your furry friend can go without water for three days in favorable conditions, it’s always important to ensure that he remains hydrated all day long. Just like humans, dogs rely on water to function in the world. Lack of water can be a serious problem in a hot environment or after intense activity. When you take good care of your dog, you’ll never complain about the lonely walks or adventures.

Scott Matthews is a pet blogger and professional essay writer at paper writing service review, essay writing service, and best essay writing service. He has a four-year-old German Shepherd pup that’s not only playful but ravenous. In his free time, he walks his dog, cycles, or plays with his toddler.


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