Adopt a Pet Waste Station

Posted by Paul D. Cannella on Jun 3rd 2019

Say what?  As I've traveled around and discussed pet waste solutions with people, because that's what I do, I've heard many different options and solutions how to address the problem.

One of the ideas that's come up a few times is the idea of adopting or sponsoring a pet waste station.  We all get frustrated by folks that don't do their part in cleaning up for whatever their lame reason is, but that doesn't solve the problem the rest of have to live with.  Focusing on the positive and belief in innocence, the #1 reason people don't pick up is they either forgot or ran out of poop bags.

Strategically placing pet waste stations isn't always the easiest for cities, parks and recreation departments, and others to keep up with.  That's where the novel idea of sponsoring a pet waste station came in.

Have you considered letting small businesses or neighborhood associations sponsor or adopt a pet waste station?  Let them suggest an area that needs one, and let them agree to maintain it with refill bags.  In return, they receive a sponsorship sign promoting their local business or organization!

The city of Hoboken New Jersey has a program in place that can be viewed here: and it's an ideal model to replicate for your local area.  I've read it over several times, and the only part that isn't clear is whether the applicant also is in charge of emptying the waste bin.  Personally I think the program would have a higher success rate if the city would take care of emptying the waste bins vs leaving that up to the sponsor.

Basically, the city will review requests for where to place the stations, evaluate current placements and a variety of qualifying factors.  If approved, they will pay for, and install a pet waste station, the first round of bags, and a sponsorship sign.  After that, the applicant will be responsible for refilling the station with poop bags.

It's really a win for everyone involved.

The Original Poop Bags sells a variety of commercial pet waste stations and refill poop bags to choose from: and we'd suggest that the municipality purchased in bulk, so the sponsors can "order" via you.  This keeps shipping costs down, ensures there is always a supply of poop bags available, and it's more eco-friendly than multiple shipments going out.

Feel free to supply any feedback, or suggestions to the program.  We're obviously in the business of selling pet waste products, but our mission is to help play a roll in cleaner parks, RV camps, beaches, trails, and more!


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