​5 Ways CBD Could Help Pets with Seizures and Pain

Posted by Crystal Wilson on Feb 21st 2022

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, provides several benefits and alleviates several illnesses. As one of the best-known natural compounds known to man, CBD is safe and has proven effective at pain management, inflammation, and much more. Well, the same is also valid for pets. Pets also suffer illnesses and health conditions. Therefore, it’s no surprise to find pet owners giving their pets CBD supplements to help with their medical conditions, particularly seizures.

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Like humans, pets also have an endocannabinoid system that can recognize CBD. Without it, CBD supplements could have zero effects on humans as well as animals. The endocannabinoid system must be present in your pets since it absorbs CBD. There’s no alternative function to what the endocannabinoid system does.

Special CBD tinctures for pets can help treat different health-related conditions. Some of them include:

Chronic Inflammation

It’s important to note that pets also aren’t immune to chronic pains and inflammations. Pets can also suffer uncomfortable and painful inflammations. But no pet owner wants to watch their pets suffer. CBD acts as the best alternative solution by offering pets a safe and natural remedy to reduce chronic inflammation and any other pain associated with their medical conditions.

With its natural anti-inflammatory, painkilling properties, CBD is the perfect remedy that pet owners can get. Several pet owners attest to seeing their pets feel much better after just a few days of giving their dogs CBD supplements. Their inflammation went down significantly, and they could move around more efficiently and comfortably.

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Stress and Anxiety

It can be heartbreaking to see your pet(s) suffer from anxiety or stress. Several different medical conditions can cause anxiety in pets. These can be in the form of environmental factors to medical conditions, including abuse. This is usually the case, especially when you get a previously abused pet at a pet shelter.

Severe anxiety cases can even cause your pets to hide, urinate, defecate uncontrollably, or even run from you. Fortunately, CBD can help relieve your pets from both stress and anxiety when administered in the right doses. And as aforementioned, CBD’s properties make it the perfect supplement to alleviate pets from anxiety. Your pets will feel calmer and more relaxed, especially when exposed to new environments.


Some pet owners only think that their pets must suffer a medical condition before putting their pets on CBD supplements. By itself, CBD also helps to support homeostasis, a natural rhythm of things. As with the human body, pets also have specific conditions to meet to thrive. This includes appetite, body temperature, etc. All these factors directly relate to your pet's homeostasis.

It’s always important to keep and maintain a healthy natural rhythm. And the best way of doing that is by supporting homeostasis. Provide your pets with a healthy diet and supplement this with plenty of exercises to extend their lifespan. Remember, the healthier your pet is, the better they will feel.

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Arthritis and Joint Pain

Some pet owners don’t always like giving their pets painkillers. Most painkillers contain harmful chemicals that can cause liver damage to both humans and pets. Therefore, using CBD products is the best, more natural approach that you can provide your pets for pain management. You can get the best CBD products for your dog from trusted brands like NuLeaf Naturals that can help them with arthritis and joint pain.

It’s a well-known fact that cannabinoids have natural painkilling effects. CBD chemicals interact with specific receptors in your pet’s nervous system to help mitigate the severity of pain responses. This makes CBD the best alternative for your pet’s chronic condition, belly ache, or other injuries. Furthermore, CBD can also minimize your pet’s pain and get them on their feet again.

Cancer Symptoms

Millions of pets suffer from cancer worldwide each year. And, most pets that have cancer often have it very hard copying. If you use CBD in appropriate portions, the supplement can minimize cancer therapy’s side effects in pets. Most pet owners have even admitted to CBD supplements playing an enormous role in saving their pets.

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Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Cannabis products are the most studied, tried, and experimented medical drugs on the planet. Gradually, the world is also beginning to realize that using CBD as an alternative to prescription drugs is a great idea.

Additionally, there’s been more than enough evidence, both online and in a more natural sense, that proves CBD products to be safe for animals. With most pet owners admitting that CBD saved their pets’ lives, you can give your pet CBD and its supplements without worrying about its safety. However, it’s always best that you consult your veterinarian before giving your pet CBD products.

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While there still may not be a mountain of evidence that supports the use of CBD in pets, what we have so far, plus the millions of testimonies from pet owners, suggest that it’s safe for pet use. CBD is an excellent painkiller, anti-stress supplements, and everything else mentioned above. But above all else, it doesn’t have any harmful side effects on your pets. All these benefits qualify the wonder drug as the best alternative for pets with seizures.


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