Jul 14th 2020

5 Benefits Of CBD Tincture For Dogs

You might have already run into CBD products made especially for dogs. People love their dogs, and since CBD products can provide all kinds of health benefits, it's only logical that your pets can take them too.

There are many misconceptions about CBD products and animal use, but don't make any assumptions until you know the facts.

Keep reading, and we'll tell you everything you need to know about the effects of CBD tinctures on dogs.

What is CBD?

CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound found in cannabis buds. Cannabis has over 400 active compounds, and CBD is one of those that provide the most health benefits. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive in any way, so it doesn't produce that "high" feeling that's tied to marijuana.

Another important fact you should know about is that both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants. Industrial hemp is a male plant with a 0.3% maximum THC level, while marijuana is a female plant with much higher THC levels. Both plants are rich in CBD, and most products are made from male plants.

The Difference Between CBD and Hemp Oil

People often confuse CBD oil with hemp oil, but there's a big difference between the two.

Hemp Oil

Let's start with hemp oil first. It's made from hemp seeds, rather than the rest of the plant. These seeds have extremely low levels of THC and CBD, and they don't provide the same health benefits as CBD oil.

However, hemp oil is super rich in fibres, vitamins, minerals, and other components our bodies need to stay healthy.


Unlike hemp oil, CBD oil is an active compound extracted from flowers, stems, and leaves of mature cannabis plants. It offers a wide range of health benefits for both physical and mental issues. You can easily find high-quality CBD oil from vendors like cbdoiluk.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

CBD products are currently the most tested and experimented medical solutions on the planet. The world is slowly beginning to realize that CBD is a safe alternative to many prescription drugs, which is why they can be found in almost every corner store across the US. Many top manufacturers added CBD oil products safe for animal use. In fact, many veterinarians promote the use of CBD oil for pets.

Colorado State University is one of the first places where CBD was tested on dogs. Their experiment proved that dogs tolerate CBD well, but have some smaller side effects like diarrhoea.

The preliminary findings showed that CBD products need more serious research to figure out how exactly they affect animals.

On the other hand, various studies have proven that CBD products have fantastic anti-inflammatory effects and help people deal with issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia, spasms, and many different neurological disorders.

Since people treat their dogs with CBD oil, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence you can find online. If you read through some of them, you will see that most dog owners say that CBD oils helped their pets.

How Can CBD Oil Help Your Dog?

Dogs also have an endocannabinoid system that recognizes CBD oil. Without it, these products would have absolutely no effects on humans or animals. The endocannabinoid system is the only thing that can absorb CBD, so it has to be present in animals as well.

Special CBD tinctures for dogs can help treat symptoms of a few different conditions, including more serious chronic illnesses. Some of them include:

1. Stress and anxiety – CBD can help your dog manage stress and anxiety levels, making it more playful and happier.

2. Chronic inflammation – Some dog owners reported that their pets felt much better after a few days of using CBD tinctures. Their inflammation went down, and they were able to move around much easier.

3. Arthritis and joint pain – Many older dogs suffer from hip dysplasia that is followed by chronic pain. A few drops of CBD oil can help your dog manage pain levels, improving its overall quality of life.

4. Epilepsy – CBD can help manage epilepsy in dogs. By administering CBD oil regularly, your dog will slowly stop having epileptic seizures with time.

5. Cancer symptoms – Cancer affects millions of dogs worldwide every year. Many of them have a hard time coping with heavy drugs and other methods used to treat cancer. CBD oil can help your dog minimize the effects of cancer therapy, and some owners even say that it's the only thing that saved their dog's life.

As mentioned several times in the text, the experiments are still ongoing, but there is not enough information on how CBD brings the effects. We know the results, we know that it helps, but more studies are needed to know exactly how it works.

Help Your Dog With CBD Products

You can find all kinds of CBD products for pets on the market, but not all of them are made according to the highest standards. Always check the quality of a tincture before you buy it, and make sure that it has little or no THC. One thing is for sure; your dog will feel better and recover from his health issues faster than you think.