4 Advantages Of Eco Friendly Litter - The Advantages Of Going Green!

Posted by Amy Davis on Jun 3rd 2020

Many pet owners have become more aware of the impact of their pet and the environment. There are plenty of ways to be more environmentally friendly with your pet, but one of the most impactful ways is changing your pet litter to a more eco-friendly one.

This change can be a positive one for small pets (like hedgehogs, mice, and rats) and larger pets, like cats. As more people start to think "Green" the time has never been better to reduce both your and your pets carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly litter options are available from many natural ingredients that all have less processing and manufacturing involved. This means that they have a significantly smaller footprint on the environment and the planet as a whole.

This also has a positive advantage of being better for your cat. For these reasons, it's important to give eco-friendly litter a try.

Here are the top 4 eco-friendly litters available:

Wood Based Litter

Wood-based litter is an all-natural litter that is similar to other clumping litters. This means it's a lot easier to detach clumps when you are flushing it from the litter that is left over to compost. The best part is the capillary formation of the litter that naturally soaks up more moisture. This makes it a top pick as it's more efficient then everyday clumping litter.

Most wood-based pet litter is made from pine which grows quickly and comes from manageable forests. These 100% sustainable sources mean you can feel confident that you are helping the environment but still benefiting from an effective cat litter with little to no odor.

Kernel Based Litter

Another eco-friendly litter is Kernel-based litter. Corn kernels have a natural additive that soaks up moisture and naturally absorbs odor. Another important benefit of Kernel-based litter is that it is dust-free, meaning that your pet's digging and scratching won't leave a massive cloud of smoke while they get busy.

It's also 100% safe if ingested which will always be a bonus especially for smaller pets who like to nibble away at the litter.

Hemp Based Litter

A new and very exciting option for eco-friendly litters are those that are hemp-based. There are many scientific benefits to hemp and natural litter is just another one.

Hemp-based litter will last for up to three months once added to the compost bin and you will be able to add it to topsoil within eight weeks after that.

The best part about Hemp-based litters is that they are inherently allergy-free, making it a great choice for sensitive pets.

Recycled Paper Based Litter

The last on the list is paper-based litter. This is probably the most economically friendly litter of them all, providing the most dynamic functions. Recycled paper-based litter is a great addition to any small pet cage, like a hedgehog cage, Guinea pig cage, or Mouse cage.

This paper is 100% recycled and is 100% biodegradable. It can also be added to the compost meaning it has the least amount of impact on the environment.

Lastly, Recycled paper-based litter is very absorbent, meaning you don't have to compromise on quality.

Advantages of Using Eco Friendly Litter

- Great for cats that suffer from allergies.

If your cat suffers from any allergies, then natural-based eco-friendly litters will be the best choice. Made from 100% natural materials, eco-friendly litter possess less harmful ingredients that may put your pet (or even yourself) at risk.

-Chemical-free so no chemicals used to hide the scent

All eco-friendly litter is chemical-free. This strengthens the idea of keeping your pet safe and ensures that less damaging ingredients have been used in manufacturing.

-Dust-free and easy to use

As eco-friendly litters are made from 100% natural elements it keeps dust and any ingredients that have been added in the manufacturing process down to a minimum.

This includes extra dust that is normally used to help with smell and odor.

-Can be cheaper than more popular cat litter

Surprisingly many eco-friendly litters are very cost-effective. As a pet owner, a high portion of your pets monthly budget will go to litter, especially if you have a bigger pet. Trying alternatives is always recommended just to save money.

-Very easy to dispose of (compost or flushed)

This is a great bonus for all pet owners who are environmentally driven. All-natural pet litters are very easy to dispose of with all ingredients being 100% natural. This makes disposing of the litter almost effortless and better still, guilt-free.

If you are on the fence about going "Green" now may be the perfect time to give it a try!

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