10 Things You Don't Know About Travelling With Your Cat

Posted by Jonny Hobbs on Feb 21st 2022

Is traveling with your cat a stressful period for you? Well, there is no secret that many felines are usually anxious while traveling. Some cannot tolerate car rides or flights, while others can. Therefore, knowing your cat better will help you decide how to make traveling easier for them. Furthermore, some things can only be learned through trial and error during cat training. Sometimes as a pet owner, you might think you know all about traveling with your cat. But, here are ten things you don't know about traveling with your cat

  • Use the Appropriate Carrier

Before starting your journey, make sure your cat will have a space to call it's own. Cats are territorial, and it's fair to help enhance this for them. Get your cat a comfortable, spacious carrier that allows free circulation of air and visibility. Remember, cats are curious, and it would be appropriate to use transparent backpacks in this case. A clear cat bag ensures your cat can observe the environment from a familiar place. Thus, constantly using the backpack will ensure that your cat is not afraid of venturing into new territories while traveling.

  • Consulting your vet for medication

Cats are sensitive and get irritated quickly. If your cat gets anxious or hyperactive, seek a vet's advice to see whether sedating the cat would make the trip calmer and comfortable for everyone. If your vet settles on medication, administer it early before the journey. Medication reduces feline stress; however, don't administer human pills to your pet. Always consult your vet more on how and when to administer the medication.

  • Get your cat microchipped

An escape is what cats do when threatened. To resolve this, get it micro-chipped for easy relocation in case of an escape. Altogether, you can have a current photo of your cat with you if it happens to escape.

  • Dress your cat

How unique is your cat's appearance? Get your cat a unique collar fitted dress with your information. Familiarize your cat with the collar weeks before travelling to avoid any unrest caused if given on the travel day.

  • Hold your cat's food

Do not feed your cat when traveling. Cats are prone to motion sickness resulting from nausea during travel. Imagine how disappointed you would be after getting cute transparent backpacks for your cats fitted with warm blankets, and they vomit all over them. Therefore, feeding your cat at only the right time will help prevent the possibility of motion sickness.

  • Proof of ownership and vaccination

Depending on where you're traveling, have your cat's documents and consult your vet for the latest vaccination if available. By law, it's safe having your cat's vaccination status with you to keep everyone safe against any health issues.

  • Get a cat-friendly hotel

Your pet's safety is a top priority. You don't want to book a hotel with dangerously exposed sewer systems. Avoid exposing your cat to any hazards and life-threatening factors. If your cat has a bed, carry that for extra comfort.

  • Don't leave your cat in the car

Although it can be convenient when stepping out of your car, never leave your cat locked inside the car. Temperatures could rise quickly, threatening your cat's life. In case of a stop, crate your cat and move around with it. Pets left unattended in cars also attract thieves.

  • Have your cat's favourite stuff

Make your cat feel at home by having its favourite toys, plates, and blankets with you. Sleeping in a blanket they use at home gives them a sense of safety and security. Preferably, serve them in plates you use at home to ensure they settle in better.

Final Thoughts

Cats are excellent companions, but travel time can make them anxious. Therefore, it is essential to learn the various ways to make them comfortable, safe, and secure. Work together with your vet to recommend the best treatment. Be open-minded about the trip, and do not shy away from trying new travel ideas with your cat. Lastly, psychological preparation helps you get ready for any incident.


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