​10 Foods Dogs Should Never Eat

Posted by Poopbags on Nov 25th 2022

Despite knowing exactly what to eat to maintain your health, you occasionally (or frequently) find yourself knee-deep in a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and puzzled as to how you got there. After just one more chip, you might decide to give junk food up for good. You may have gone through this process more than once, eating less-than-healthy food at times and more than you would like to acknowledge at others. The truth is that you have a choice in what you eat. You are free to pick where, when, and what to eat. On the other hand, your dog isn't given this option.

Your dog's health and wellbeing are exclusively your responsibility as the pet owner. This implies that in addition to giving him a nutritious and balanced diet, you need to watch out for what he consumes. It can be simple to assume that a meal that is good for humans—like avocado, for instance—would also be good for our pets. But there are many poisonous "human" foods available, and it is our responsibility to prevent our beloved pets from consuming them.

Ten things your dog should never eat are listed below:

1. ) Chocolate. Methylxanthines, which are stimulants found in chocolate and are extremely poisonous, can block a dog's metabolism. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can make you throw up and have diarrhea even in small amounts. A significant amount can result in mortality, heart rhythm problems, and seizures.

2.) Avocados. A type of fatty acid called persin is present in every part of the fruit and is hazardous to your puppy in big doses. Although avocado goes well with almost everything, it shouldn't be added to your dog's puppy food.

3.) Garlic & Onions. These beloved vegetables, which are staples in the human diet, might damage your dog's red blood cells and result in anemia. Her health could suffer even a tiny amount.

4.) Raisins and grapes. This seemingly harmless fruit, whether consumed fresh or dried, can make dogs develop renal failure. Yikes!

5.) Milk & other dairy products. While dogs can consume their mothers' milk, other dairy products (from cows, goats, etc.) could make them ill. Dogs are unable to properly digest some sugars and fatty acids due to a lack of digestive enzymes.

6.) Nut macadamia. Although the exact reason why these nuts are deadly to dogs is still a mystery, the fact remains that they are. Despite the fact that your dog may be eying your macadamia nut cookie, resist giving in to his puppy-dog lust. He might say thank you later.

7.) Sugary foods and drinks. In relation to cookies, avoid giving your dog any treats that have a lot of added sugar. She will have the same side effects as others who consume excessive amounts of sugar, including weight gain, dental rot, and potentially diabetes.

8.) Caffeine. A stimulant that is poisonous to dogs is present in it. While you might enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, your dog should only drink water.

9.) Yeast dough. This can rise and ferment in your dog's stomach if it is consumed raw. Alcohol poisoning could result from the fermentation, and your dog's stomach might get painfully stretched during the rising process. Therefore, refrain from feeding your dog any leftover pizza dough the next time you cook one.

10.) Salt. Dehydration and even sodium ion poisoning can result from consuming too much salt. While a small amount of salt is acceptable, be mindful of how much your dog consumes to keep the amount to a minimum.


You'll be able to keep an eye out for the foods that can make your dog ill if you keep this list in mind. However, just as various diets have diverse effects on people, so do dogs. Vomiting, trembling in the muscles, a fever, severe scratching, limb weakness, diarrhea, respiratory issues, and sluggishness are all indications of poisoning or an allergic reaction. Get your dog to the vet right away if he displays any of these signs.

Your dog will naturally be happier and healthier if you steer clear of these foods. Additionally, your dog will undoubtedly appreciate frequent exercise and a generally good diet. She might be a little miffed that she was denied a portion of your macadamia nut cookie, though.


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